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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Dinner and a show at the palace

 where it had been about 40 hours of travel and touring places like the Ann Frank Museum and a stop by the Van Gogh museum it was Off to Marrakesh Morocco.

After dropping our stuff at the hotel we ran into a great couple who suggested we go to "the palace" with them for dinner.

Intrigued, we tagged along. Down a bunch of back Allys where most would fear to tread, we entered a little doorway into a grand opening that blew me away. It really was a real live palace!  Ornate from floor to ceiling with mosaics carvings and artwork and huge room after room as far as the eye could see .
I guess there was even a major movie   ("The Man who knew too much") that was filemed there at one time with Dorris Day and Jimmy Stewart.

While not a huge fan of middle eastern food, I was blown away by the 5 course meal. It was great ! Each plat better then the last.

and the show was awesome. Live musicians, a belly dancer and another who danced with a loose plate of candles on her head.

Yes, I got into the fun ;-)

More as time allows. Now I am off to do some more site seeing.


  1. Since Islam is the "official" religion in Morocco, are you now a "terrorist" suspect?

    That dancer isn't quite pulling off the "I hate you for your freedoms" look. It appears you may be part of the conspiracy and warrant a stay in Gitmo without trial. Bill Gibbons said to "say something if you see something" like Big Sis told him to you know...

  2. Stacey, what in this world are you doing in Morocco?

  3. Interesting choice of destination... You do know that the Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage don't you? It's probably the most liberal country on the planet. With its socialized health care program puts it at 17th on per capita spending on patient services; compared to the U.S., which is 37th. The infant mortality rate in the Netherlands is 3.73, while in the U.S. it is 5.98.
    Maybe you'll learn something about compassion while you're there.
    Tom Cogburn,
    Knoxville, Tn


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