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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gee, I wonder why they dont feel welcome?

UT says many former military are the best of the best students, but for some reason they seldom seem to stay until graduation.  They say they don't feel welcome at the university. UT does not understand why. Could it possibly be because they get crap for transferability from UT with their military credits?

Now, most state two year degrees get you automatically transferability as  junior in your field. Not so for the military. I have known former solders with a military associate degree get less then a semesters worth of credits transferred into UT.

I have been trying to work with UT to get the same thing for those in the military with 2 year degrees that  other two year colleges grads get.

So far, No dice from UT.

UT, how bout some love for the military guys and girls? You may not be able to get as much of their GI bill money but your graduation rates would go up.

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  1. That is because they're greedy and can force military members to pay more to re-take courses. How many UT people are also liberals and therefore are Anti-Military? Hmmm, is there a connection? Do they provide illegals any extra status or resident rates? Many military can't get resident rates if they originally came from somewhere else, even if they are now stationed in the state, and in some cases own property in that state. This Anti-Military attitude is across the nation that the military protects. Look at all other denials. They aren't even allowed to get ballots in time to vote! TN claims to be a veteran preference state, but they aren't if there are non-vet friends and family with no qualifications applying for the same job a Vet has been doing for years.
    Jan L


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