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Saturday, November 03, 2012

How weed won it for Romney?

As the election winds down every state, every voter, every issue counts. One state and one issue could be key for the entire presidency.


"What? No way. Have you been smokin some?" you ask.

No. Never touch the stuff myself. Normally I would agree with you and say its a fringe issue at best, but this one time  in this one election it could be key to the entire shooting match. You see the swing state of Colorado it is deadly close. The race could go either way. What else is on the ballot there? The legalization of marijuana. Obama has made promises  to make changes in the drug laws if he was elected last time, but didn't. His base is is not pleased.

 One candidate has come out in favor of legalization in this race. Libertarian, Gary Johnson.

Where you might think Libertarian Gary Johnson would traditionally steal votes from the Republican (Romney) in the race, this time, he will probably steal them from the Democrat Obama.

Many times, especially in close elections, "values voters"  are the key vote to win an election.  But this time its different. In this one swing state, in this one year, this one issue could cost Obama the "Anti values voters".  Even if its only 2-3% of Obama's core support, those votes could be the decider.

 If Obama loses Colorado it could cost him the entire dance.

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