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Friday, November 09, 2012

More Moracco tip pix.

Great adventure so far. The open air market in Marrakesh is something to experience, Street performers, Salesmen Hawking their wears or skills. All sorts of different foods and products.

Man selling real human teeth for dentures in the market square. I don't want to know where he got them.  Insert your Obama dental plan joke here. 

The salesmen are great hustlers. They are ready to wheel and deal. Its almost worth the price of admission just to try and out hustle them. Off the square the tiny shops and bodegas offer a many other sorts of products.  

Open air (Non refrigerated) meat sales.

Where they filmed "Lawrence of Arabia" and "The Gladiator"

The stars at night are spectacular as we approach the desert. I thought of trying to add a picture but like the grand canyon, photos can not do it justice. It is if you can almost reach up and grab them they are so clear. The milky way is spectacular. I cant wait to get a Little further out into the wilderness. They say they get even better.

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