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Thursday, November 01, 2012

OK, lets play.

Some Democrat candidates seem to want to call me out as if I am the one running for every office in the land.

 I realize the left cant draw flies with their ideas so they are just trying to grab attention by attacking me. They are like the moon. They give off no radiance of their own. They just want to appear bright, even if its only by being a reflection of the sun.

 I usually ignore their flailing attacks but some times you have to show them that like Icarus, they might not like what happens when they get to close to the sun.

 They want to play?

Lets play.

Who's up?

Former NFL and Tennessee Vol Receiver Anthony Handcock wants to show me how its done in his press release? Really? You want my attention?

 OK Anthony, You got it. Here is what I see in the next 4 days and for game day.

First off,  your "Tailgate event" at the polls. I don't care how fast you were or how many yard lines you crossed. You and your volunteers cant cross the 100 foot barrier line like they did tonight at a polling station to try and force food on people who are waiting to vote. I wont throw a flag but Its illegal motion in a bunch of ways. If you want I can get a host of volunteers to show you the rules. Try it again on election day and you will get sacked.

Next, your slogan "Catch the vision". You can have Johnny Majors do all the commercials for you that you want. When people see you fumble around and then come out on channel 10 this Sunday at 9:30 for a state income tax (As you do) they are going to realize that your "vision" for Tennessee is a delusion left over from too many hard hits  to the head without a helmet.

The football wont be whats going to get spiked on election night. I expect Steve Hall to hand you and Johnny Majors another loss for your record books and I am sure it will be by more then the 6 points you keep asking for in your commercials.

Game over.


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  1. Maybe Anthony is counting on the old "November Championship" to pull him through.

    I can see his income tax push now..."PAY THESE PRICES AND PAY NO MORE!"


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