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Monday, November 12, 2012

Tell a lie enough times

The media keeps doing stories about how that "Evil" Gary Loe did all those negative mail pieces talking about how his opponent did not support voter ID laws, while his saintly opponent and the Democrats ran such an up and up, all grass roots, campaign with only enough money for one positive mail piece. that won the whisker thin 3 way race.

Gee, I guess they forgot to report on all those "Republicans will throw granny off the cliff" mail pieces they did. Its extra sorry  in the fact that at the state level we have about nothing to do with medicare but if the paper actually ran one straight "fact check" during the campaign it might have sunk their chosen candidates campaign.

Ah, you all know the Democrat adage by now, tell a lie enough times, and with the medias help, people will begin to begin to believe it. Also of note, it is now, after the race,  finally  being reported that a former Knoxville News Sentinel reporter was working on the democrat campaign during the race. I guess its no wonder Gary couldn't get a bit of earned media while his opponent got several write ups.

 It's a "team" game.

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