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Sunday, November 04, 2012

That "slime" gets around.

Oh the hypocrisy.

The editor of the Knoxville News slantinal (Jack McElroy) throws a fit when the GOP uses a segment of a candidate video interview from a paper endorsed candidate.  The video was publicly posted on the KNS web site (but had no noticeable disclaimer limiting use) .

"Our corporate attorney thinks a 'cease and desist' letter might be futile; and in any event, the election would be over before a fight could be brought to resolution," McElroy wrote in his blog. Still, he referred to the party using "slimy tactics."

"The ploy, nonetheless, is particularly lame. Honorable campaigns have, in the past, asked permission to draw on content from the News Sentinel, and we have told them they are welcome to quote from what we publish but may not directly lift our material. My guess is that the GOP figured we wouldn't OK the use of our video to deride a candidate, so why even ask," McElroy wrote.

"Slimy tactics"??
Like when only a few weeks ago the KNS lifted segments off this blog without permission?? I recall an editorial or possibly even two against me when I raised concerns about the papers use of my material without my permission. Permission that is specifically required at the bottom of this blog.

Yes, the left went crazy when I commented how I was thinking about contacting an attorney. Well, it seems Jack took it a step farther and DID contact his attorneys.

Will the left go crazy and take him to task for it?

I doubt it.

If you want a comment from me on the issue, hows this?

"I think the paper uses  "Slimy tactics" all the time"

"The ploy, nonetheless, is particularly lame. Honorable newspapers have, in the past, asked permission to draw on content from my blog, and I have often told them they are welcome to quote from what I publish on a case by case basis. My guess is that the KNS figured I wouldn't OK the use of a partial post to deride me, so why even ask,"

You all have my permission to use it.


  1. But you're not one of those right-thinking people so in their world your opinion has no relevance.
    Back in the real world we call that hypocrisy.

  2. Campfield is not a hypocrite...you must have him confused with someone else...

  3. I'm talking about McElroy.


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