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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Arab spring hits Moracco

So I am snoozing away after my night of fun at world famous "Rick's Cafe" in Casablanca.
When I am awoken by what sounded like a group of men fighting outside my hotel. And then it got louder and louder with more voices and then I heard a man with a bull horn yell something in Arabic and then a large crowd of voices repeated what he said and then the voices got louder and more aggressive sounding. I pop my head out my window and what do I see but a mob scene with tons of people waving signs and chanting something that doesn't sound all that friendly.

Oh boy, here we go! What pops into my head? Pack? Run? lock the door? Heck no. Being the crazy/stupid/adventurous American I figure "What the heck, I'm going to go down and take some pictures. This should be fun". I throw on some clothes, go down and click a few pix.  A few guys start running over to me waving their hands yelling in Arabic. I put my camera in my pocket and get ready for anything. I suddenly realize I am one of about 5 english people I have seen in 2 weeks. They stop short and and start talking. Of course, I don't understand what they are saying. Luckily, they call over a third guy who speaks English.  

He says don't worry, the cameras aren't set up yet, but they are just rehearsing to shoot a movie about the US and Iran and the guys don't want anyone taking pictures. I say OK, go back inside and put my heart back in my chest.
Later in the day as I go through the movie set gates I speak to a gentleman who speaks English.
"Whats the movie called?" I ask. 
"Desert Dancer"  he replies, it is supposedly a pretty big budget English film. He asks what I am doing on the set and I reply I am staying at the hotel in the middle of the street. He chuckles "Boy I bet you thought the Arab spring went all sorts of wrong this morning didn't you!"

You bet I did.


  1. So, do you play the piano, or were you just posing for this picture, in front of the piano?


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