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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The new head football coach at UT is.....

Everyone keeps asking me (because I represent the area that covers UT) who the new UT head football coach will be.

The fact is, yes,  I do know.

I wasn't going to tell but I think the deal is all but done and is now just waiting for the signature of Big Jim on the contract to make it official, so I might as well.

The new head football coach at UT is going to be Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey.  Yes, its true. Ron always wanted to be the head man running the most important group of people in the state. Now he will be. When reached for comment Ron was heard saying how sideline beats sky box for viewing the games, the pay is much better and  the bonuses and buyouts were to die for (did someone say free hot dogs??)

 Of course his new "team" will probably have to take a pay cut to get to the rate where his old one is but Ron thinks he can make it happen. Ramsey also went so far as to assured the press that dealing with players in trouble with the law and some that act like they play for the other team is old hat for him.

Still to be worked out, head lobbyist Anthony Haynes for UT is asking for a few minor concessions from the state for next year....But I am sure it can all be worked out next session. Well before kick off.

More as the story develops.


  1. This is so very funny!

    I think someone is getting pretty excited about going back to Nashville in January!!!

  2. How about no head coach? The team wouldn't do any worse if it ran itself. The State would be much the same without the legislature.

  3. I forgot to mention the financial savings. No football coach, millions saved. No legislature, billions saved. Great way to solve our fiscal problems.


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