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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas wish list

In no particular order,

1. For  Beth Harwell- Wonder Women's  lasso to Rangel the more conservative house into one that will do her bidding.

2. For Ron Ramsey- A new goal of 28 or better.

3. For Tom Humphrey- an ink ribbon for his new fangled typerwrighter.

4. Mike Turner- a mega phone to make sure his voice gets heard  all the way to his backup.

5. For  Tom  "the goose" Hensley- the ability to count.

6. For Kroger- the ability to count.

7. For the NRA- For gun control if Deb Maggart is in the room.

8.  For  Deb Maggart- that her death stare at the NRA never turn to daggers or bullets.

9. For the TEA- new leadership that is not on the suicide watch list.

10. For school children- not the TEA.

11. For  Jack Johnson- 5 minutes to roll his own.

12. For Bo Watson- no more "silly bow ties"

13. For  Brian. Kelsey- the opportunity to tell the governor why he should vouch for his school plan.

14. For the Governor- the ability to keep his campaign pledges  without having any of them actually brought before him.

15. For Sen. Ken Yeager- a snake free campus.

16. For Sen. Jim  Summerville- His continued ability to point out how the media  is "number one" in his heart.

17. For Fred Tompson- for the Internet to fail if he ever decides to lobby the judiciary committee

18. For Rep. Joe Carr, Jim Tracy,  Bill Ketron- no local bills  that need passage.

19. For Tim Burchett- a cheap date.

20. For John Reagan- an endless TelePrompter.

21. For Rep. Ryan Haynes- a better watch for when we have the next elections of delegation chairman.

22. For Dan Andrews- a competition with Gene Simmons of Kiss

23. For Becky Massy-  an office with a closet, not an office that is a closet.

24. For Scott Dejarlay- The ability to save a baby or pregnant woman from a burning building previous to the next election.

25. For Craig Fitshugh a primary not with Mark Clayton.

26. For Mark Clayton- a primary with Craig Fitshugh.

27. For Ashley Judd, a clue and a phone number of the last "star" that ran for office in the Democrat primary (that or Mark Clayton)

28. For myself- for this year I wish to not be proven right near as much.

Merry Christmas everybody!


  1. Well! They law have mercy. If you keep bad mouthing me, I'll have to move to Knoxville and run against you. I did real well in East TN, Mr! Merry Christmas from Ms Park Overall

  2. Did I ? Oh, when I said "star" you thought I was talking about you? No, no no. I was talking about Basil Marceaux someone with some name ID. Sorry.

  3. Your high levels of intelligence, charm, and wit, which are causing you to be so successful, are all a gift.

    I hope you will be able to remain humble, as you go from success to success, remembering, with gratitude, that all of it is gift.


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