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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Death by Haslam

It seems a bunch of people.......scratch that. It seems democrats are starting to push Craig Fitshugh into running for governor. I keep thinking about that old skit where the general asks for one volunteer to step forward for a suicide mission. The entire line steps back one step except one newby who doesn't know the trick and is left looking like a volunteer.

I guess a "Death by Haslam"  is one way for him to go out. One other positive thing out of that will most likely be one more  Republican seat in the house in two years.


  1. Sen. Campfield, many of us are very excited that you good people in our Tennessee legislature will have a super majority this year!

    This reminds me of a passage of scripture that says something like, "To whom much is given, much is required."

    Since the voters of Tennessee have given you gentlemen, and ladies, the ability to pass just about anything you so desire, this means that your burden of responsibility will be even greater, and that you need to be very careful not to be passing anything just because you can.

    We believe in you, and we sincerely hope you will live up to our great confidence in you!

  2. Fitshugh has already said he would not be waging a serious campaign. Why made the effort? At least let someone run that will campaign.

  3. Death by Haslam is a problem all right, but for all the people of Tennessee, not just Democrats. The legislature has sat back, letting him be the least fiscally conservative Republican Governor in the country, well below some Democrats.


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