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Monday, December 17, 2012

Is it time?

I wonder if after the massacre in Conneticut, a state with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, that legislators will be willing to look at changing some of the same restrictions we have here in Tennessee. I personally think we need to make sure a similar type preditor is not allowed to run wild in our schools.

Would this threat in Tennessee open some eyes that it could happen here?

I will be bringing back legislaton to allow licensed and checked faculty and staff, at schools, to be able have a gun on campus if a safety officer is not present on campus. 


  1. To answer the question: it is time.
    I like the idea of this bill. Anything that restores to We the People our originally intended rights is a good thing.

  2. I like it except for the "if." The safety officer may care for nothing but his own safety.
    No reason to prevent anyone with a carry permit to carry on campus. Good citizens vastly outnumber evildoers; and will be an effective deterrent to such killings. Strength in numbers.

    Scott B.

  3. I work at Higher-Ed, our police staff are still buildings away. Remove the restriction of IF a safety officer is not present. In your enjoyable video from last year, we can shoot hogs on a farm and protect a herd, but not our kids/selves?

  4. Agree with Anonymous. Could that proposed bill be any more watered down?

  5. Since most of the "safety officers" assigned to schools are old, lazy, or just not good officers; their presence should not matter.

    You also might want to include parents in the bill. That way private schools can provide their own security.

    Also, why not require that schools do a once per semester active shooter threat drill? With local Police/Sheriff involvement. While it may increase some anxiety levels short term, when a real event happens it will decrease PTSD.

    Just a thought, checkout what the Israeli's do in their schools.


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