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Saturday, December 22, 2012

More on bill limits.

The more I think about an absolute bill limit the more concerns I have. This is giving the governor a dramatic power shift. Nothing against our current governor but Tennessee has traditionally kept the governor in check and limited their power. With the ability of a governor to have unlimited legislation, the governor can push a much stronger agenda and will quickly out power the legislature instead of being an equal. People and minor groups will quickly learn to go to the governor instead of their local legislator to get issues taken care of because their local legislator may be covered up with other issues already.

In some cases this may be good. In others, not so much, but one thing is for sure, it will succeed a lot of power to the bureaucracies as well to make sure issues put into the governors agenda.

This would also increase the power of each senator. With limited numbers, a senator that shuts down or holds out to make sure their favorite topics get run could kill much of the house  members abilities to pass legislation important to them.

Also with  more wide open caption bills, as will surely become the norm, legislators will soon be  voting on compilation bills instead of one specific topic. So where as before a legislator might have to decide if one idea was good or bad they may now be facing a bill on 27 topics and have to decide if  13 or 14 of the ideas are good enough to make up for the other bad ideas that may be tacked on. This will surely increase the size of government  and bad legislation that gets through.

The more I think about it, the more problems I see bill limits creating instead of solving.

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  1. Maybe consider a limit on the number of major bills only

    Just an idea


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