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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sexual discrimination in TN Democrat party.

When there is a question on if there is a problem in a body the person who may see it first  is a member of that body.

State  Rep. Sherry Jones is suspending her campaign to become the state party chair. The reason? According to her it is because the party is not accepting of women in positions of power.   From the Michael Cass / Tennessean article.

"State Rep. Sherry Jones, who considered running, told The Tennessean earlier Friday that she probably wouldn’t seek the position. Jones said she has “too much going on” and that she doesn’t think a woman can win the post right now."

Really? Why is that? Don't Democrats see woman as equals capable of doing good work?  I am sorry to see another example of this.  Democrats need to learn to look past race and sex if we are ever going to climb the Ladder of equality as a society.

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  1. The flip side of this is that it could simply be an excuse to cover her incompetence. Democrats are notorious for demagoguing their failures.


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