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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The year in review.

To have a positive look forward to the next year first we must be willing to do an honest assessment of the past year.

Phrase of the year - "Super duper majority"

Word of the year- "Maggartized"

Good numbers of the year -"26 and 70" the size of the super duper majorities.

Bad numbers of the year - "0" as in the amount of change we got at the federal level.

Politician of the year- That's an easy one. Mark Clayton. Who else has sparked more controversy and turned their own party upside down more? In the end, he proved to be the bug his entire party could not crush much to their chagrin.

Tumble of the year- Scott Deejarleigh. OK. I may never get the spelling of his name down but one thing is for sure his political stock went down when his divorce proceedings came out.

News story of the year- Obamacare. The fact that no one was ever given any solid information left everyone guessing on what was the best thing to do and what would be the impact.

Non news story of the year- Wine in grocery stores. Seldom has so much been said and reported about something that had so little to no chance of actual movement.

Over reaction of the year- Guns in parking lots. Not that it was an impossible issue, it just needed more polishing. The reaction/over reaction by the TFA/NRA could send vibrations through the
legislature for years.

Personal political highlight- passing drug testing for government benefits.

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