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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thought of the day

I wish our schools were as safe as a gun show.


  1. Aren't they about the same?

    Police at the door disarming you.

    No loaded concealed carry allowed. No loaded anything for that matter - or at least signs that say "no". Hope everyone obeys the signs.

    The reality that there is plenty of hardware lying around.

    Can you trust your neighbor? Are they a bully? Are they on SSRI's prescribed by the government? Something else?

    If you can't trust them, can the two guys putting zip ties in receivers save you?

    They have "immunity" because they already know they can't.

    One difference is, gun shows aren't "compulsory". They also aren't "free". Attending a gun show is an exercise of free will. The bad guys don't stand much of a chance, because everyone could be armed just as quickly from the tables.

    Not so at the school.

  2. I wish people had sense enough to get their kids out of public schools.


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