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Monday, December 03, 2012

Thought of the day

I keep hearing about these "gun buy back" programs that offer $100.00 for any gun, working or not. I wonder what they would say if I brought in a water gun?


  1. I am wondering if that pay raise has gone to your head, Stacey...

  2. Did you really get elected to serve this state? Hard to believe a state legislator has time to send out such a stupid quote.

    1. Anonymous, Senator Campfield cuts up sometimes, but, underneath a little foolishness is a heart of gold, a very brilliant mind, and one of the hardest working people we have serving in any public office anywhere! He has a huge following, and the people who serve with him on the legislature seem to just love him half to death!

      Maybe, if you will begin to follow his blog on a regular basis and watch him in action, when the State Senate airs on television, beginning in January, you will be able to see what a strong and faithful defender of our freedoms he is, how lucky we are to have him as a State Senator!

      As much as I believe in Senator Campfield, and have for quite some time, I sometimes wonder where he comes out with some of this stuff. However, today he worked for hours, out in the wind and cold, taking up money for the Salvation Army. Surely you know about all the good they do. Let's cut him some slack occasionally, okay?


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