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Thursday, December 06, 2012

We have a plan for that.

Yesterday I was up at the  capitol doing some work and went to the TEA party rally against Obamacare. 

There were a lot of people who took a big chunk of their time to express their feelings on the issue and I wanted to let them know I  think its working. I am with them and know very few (if any) Republicans who were showing any public support for implementation at this time. I was also able to talk to a few reps who were planning on offering different pieces of legislation that could throw implementation into the courts for years even it it was forced upon the state. Many people i talked to still question if it will ever make it to implementation.

 The supreme Court declared part of the legislation constitutional ,yes but not that it was passed constitutionally. The bill originated in the senate. The Supreme Court ruled it a tax and thus throws into question its constitutionality as all tax bills have to originate in the house. That part of the legislation is still under constitutional question and working its way through the courts now.

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  1. "...any public support..."

    Hey, not a problem. Just emulate our "Conservative Republican" senator Lamar! He is hiding an internet sales tax in the next National Defense Appropriations Act.

    Just put the health care "exchange" on one of Doug Overbey's specialty license plate bills...then get some of those "selected" judges and their "selected" AG to agree with it.


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