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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Were out?

After some brief communications with Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey he (In communication with the governor) is thinking we may be able to opt out of Obamacare and not have to expand our TennCare roles unless the state so chooses to do so. It is just a first blush opinion but if they read the supreme court correctly they do not intend to implement  Obamacare. 

Where's the fire?

As democrats are quick to try and call a special session to spend every last penny as soon as possible, Sen. Randy McNally says we need to think a little longer term.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thought of the day

"Progressive" taxes: Where if YOU don't pay for SOMEONE ELSE'S bad life decisions, YOU go to jail and those not producing get your stuff.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And in the 8th...

David Oatney runs down the issues and the candidates from the forum for the open senate seat in the 8th District.

How Republicans have turned around education in TN

WOW!!! Almost every bit of data shows Tennessee students improved across the board at least A 5% to 6% in one year. Some areas showed an almost 10% improvement over the last 2 years!!!

I cant tell you how big this is. In education terms that is just phenomenal, unheralded, unprecedented. If it were a stock, people would be bragging about "Credit card type returns". If I were playing black jack on education I would say Republicans have an ace card and a 9 card. Democrats have a 2 from an uno deck and their other card is a Luvdisc pokemon.

For years Republicans have said "Give us a shot. We can get us out of 49th place." The people did and we are.

We are not there yet but this definitely bodes well and tells Republicans they are on the right path.


The laws Tennessee has passed on illegal immigration seem to work fine in light of the US suppreme court Arizona decision. In fact it may spring board greater action on the illegal immigration front. Tom Humphrey has the details.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Gun permits and the AG.

Here are a few questions I have sent to the AGs office on the gun permit fees.

Dear General Cooper:

I am writing to request an opinion from your office.

Recently the eastern section of the Tennessee Court of Appeals released an opinion that struck down as unconstitutional a Maryville ordinance that made it "unlawful for any club, organization or similar group to hold any meeting, parade, demonstration or exhibition on public streets without some responsible representative first securing a permit".

They also struck down a minimal fine for not having a permit for this constitutional right.

More info may be found here


In examining the First Amendment, the Court held "There is no economic sliding scale for the right to engage in constitutionally protected activities."

 Unless this decision is overturned and since the Second Amendment (The right to bear arms) is widely recognized in the same regard as the first, can the State of Tennessee impose similar economic restrictions on such right as the ones that were struck down?  Could the state requirement that a person purchase a gun carry permit, regardless of their income, be a similar impermissible burden on the Second Amendment? Can the State impose a fee for exercising one's Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms? Can they impose a fine for those failing to obtain a permit for that constitutional freedom?

Restrictions on constitutional rights should be viewed with a keen eye. Indigent persons may be prohibited from exercising their constitutional rights due to such financial requirements. Are financial restrictions in current law constitutionally suspect?


Sen. Stacey Campfield

A few for the AG

After a recent opinion by the AG regarding state residency requirements for people to obtain access to licenses to start a business I decided to ask a few questions off of that to the AG.

Dear General Cooper:
Your office recently opined that the residency and corporate asset location requirements in Tennessee law for applicants seeking a license as an alcoholic beverage wholesaler or package retailer violate the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution because it presumably limits a persons right to earn a living across state lines.

1.  A number of local governments require employees of such local governments to live within the jurisdiction of such local governments. When there are no immediate safety factors raising concern because of non residency, are such restrictions limiting where persons must live who seek employment or are employed with a local government constitutionally infirm? If the answer is no, can the general assembly prohibit such residence restrictions by local government?

2.    Could residency requirements or incentives that give preferencial treatment to contractors of an area (Be it inside of a city municipality, county or state) be seen as constitutionally infirm ?

3.   Could requirements or incentives that give preferencial treatment to one company or contractor over another based solely on the color of the owners or employees skin be found constitutionally infirm?

Thank you for your response to these questions.

Sen. Stacey Campfield

Friday, June 22, 2012

I that is so then.....

A Tennessee court has struck down an ordinance making street preachers apply for permits and fining them if they do not have such permit.

From the KNS article...

The appellate court also took Maryville attorneys to task for arguing the penalty for violating the ordinance — a $50 fine — "is relatively slight (and, therefore) not an undue restriction on speech."
"There is no economic sliding scale for the right to engage in constitutionally protected activities," Swiney wrote. "The richest and poorest among us, as well as those individuals in-between, all have the same rights under the constitution."

I won't disagree with that one. Of course that sets to mind another constitutional freedom. The second amendment. The right to own and carry a gun. How is a fee to get a permit for that freedom acceptable? And if you don't have a permit for that freedom then how is a fine for not having it acceptable?

Last I knew there is no economic sliding scale for the right to engage in constitutionally protected activities, the richest and poorest among us, as well as those individuals in-between, all have the same rights under the constitution.

Several Tennessee legislators have tried to get the fees involved with getting a HCP removed only to run into a wall because of the lost state revenue (fiscal note) for the bill. It seems at least one court might have an open ear on the issue. Some pro second amendment citizen from that area might want to see if they could make a state law be struck down in the same way.

Isnt that illegal?

Brian Hornback thinks Julia Hurley's web sight (Hurleyforhouse.com) has been hacked by her opponent Kent Calfee. As of this posting it has. Last I knew, something like that was illegal and a GOP staffer actually was fined for doing something similar.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'll get you my pretty! And your little dog too!

The left seems to be freaking out about a video showing  someone in a convertible with Julia Hurley held a dog up in the wind.

Slow news day I guess.

Either way I wonder how many of those same people yelled and screamed when I suggested dogs shouldn't be on drivers laps because it is a safety issue for the dog, the dog owner as well as those on the road.

Probably the same people that are freaking out and screaming something should be done about someone holding a dog out in the wind probably would freak out if you or I said something should be done about someone who  kills unborn babies.

I wonder...

I wonder what Democrats would say if a Republican President said by fiat they were no longer going to enforce some tax law or some EPA regulations?

Joke of the week (Republican cheaters)

The 2012 Presidential election was too close to call. Neither Mitt

 Romney nor Obama had enough votes to win. There was much talk about
 ballot recounting, court challenges, etc. Finally, it was decided that
 there should be a week-long ice fishing contest between the two. The
candidate that caught the most fish at the end of the week would win the election.

After much of back and forth discussion, it was decided that the contest would take place on a remote frozen lake in northern Minnesota. There were to be no observers present, and both men were to be sent out separately on this isolated lake and return at 5 P.M. with their catch for

counting and verification by a team of neutral parties.

*At the end of the first day, Mitt Romney returned to the starting line  and he had 10 fish. Soon, Obama returned and had no fish. Well, everyone
assumed he was just having a bad day or something and hopefully, he would catch up the next day.

 *At the end of the 2nd day, Mitt came in with 20 fish, and Obama came in
again with none.

 *That evening the Democrats got together secretly with Obama and said, "We
 think that Mitt Romney is a low-life, cheatin' son-of-a-gun. Tomorrow don't bother fishing. Just spy on him, and see just how he is cheating.'

*The next night (after Mitt returns with 50 fish), the Democrats got together for the report of how the Republicans were cheating. *Obama said, "You are not going to believe this ... he's cutting holes in
the ice."

Homeschool kids shut out

Williamson county has decided to shut home school kids out of the opportunity to play state sports. We will see how that flies next year.
Sorry, I am having issues with Blogger. Has someting to do with adding Google Chrome I think.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

An open letter to homosexuals

This article hit on several points that many conservatives have always tried to get out. Unfortunately I usually end up dealing with the "Professsionals".

I write this not to professional homosexuals. That is to say, not to members of the well-funded, politically powerful homosexual activist lobby. They will mock and reject my words outright. They will twist and misrepresent what I say to further their own socio-political agenda. That’s fine. It’s to be expected. It merits little more than a yawn and an eye roll.

Instead, I write this to my fellow travelers in life – average, ordinary people, male and female, young and old – who happen to call themselves “gay.” I write this out of obedience to God.

It is my hope and prayer that you will consider what I have to say and take it at face value. My intentions are pure and my motives upright. If I can plant the seed of truth in just one person, and that seed begins to sprout, then I consider this letter a success.

I pray that you are that person.

What I write may offend you. It may even infuriate you. But I hope it makes you think. Know this: Your friends have lied to you. Christians do not hate you. We love you intensely. We love you because of who you are, not because of what you do or because of who you think you are.

Still, to love someone and to lie to them is to hate them – especially when that lie inevitably leads to a tragic and hopeless end.

If you have a loved one, blindfolded and running full speed toward cliff’s edge, do you not yell, stop! Would you not run after them, even tackling them if need be to prevent them from plummeting to certain death? What would we think of the person who said: “Keep running; all is well.”

All is not well, and you know it. On this path, “it” decidedly does not “get better.” It only gets worse. You will fall and you will die – perhaps not physical death, straight away – but certainly, an emotional and spiritual death. Homosexual activists, “progressives,” Hollywood, the media, academia and popular culture are telling you to keep running.

I’m yelling, stop!

Your lifestyle – homosexuality – is always and forever, objectively and demonstrably wrong. It is never good, natural, right or praiseworthy. If you have “gay pride,” you have “sin pride.” Although homosexuality is not the only sexual sin, it is, indeed, sin. Scripture is unequivocal on this fact throughout both the Old and New Testaments.

But this reality is manifest beyond the pages of Scripture. Unnatural behaviors beget natural consequences. So-called “homophobia” is not responsible for the fact that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-in-five “gay” men and adolescents in major cities across America have been infected – through bad behavior – with HIV/AIDS.

Sin is responsible.

In almost every category – disease, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide – those who call themselves “gay” live and die with consequences that have nothing gay, in the true sense of the word, about them.

Is this you? Be honest.

At least be honest with yourself

The entire artice is well worth the read.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Quote of the day.

“Our house is burning, and it is time to right the
ship.” — 6th district GOP congressional candidate Lou
Ann Zelenik, in a recent speech to Wilson County

Immigration bill to get stereo hearing

Tennessee's 267G program will be getting a hearing in the state supreme court. I wonder what will come out first. The decision from the state supreme court or the decision from the US supreme court.

Both are tackling the rights of states to implement similar illegal immigration laws. It seems a waste of time for our state court to hear it when more or less what ever they rule will probably be superseded by the USSC.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If thats true.....

The AG has come out with an opinion saying the state cant set residency requirements stopping out of state people from owning in state liquor stores because it is a restriction on interstate commerce. I would imagine since residency restrictions are not considered legal I would think a similar opinion could strike down county residency requirements for government jobs or government contractors that some cities and counties have.

I imagine it would also have struck down the Democrats "jobs bill" that would have required the state give preferential treatment to in state contractors.

See Ragan live!!!

The campaign kickoff for State Rep. John Ragan is tomorrow Wednesday at 11 am. The headquarters located at 103 Jefferson ave in oak ridge.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Not even after the primary?

Harry Tindell (the retiring Democrat state rep. From the 13th district of Knoxville) will not endorse Gloria Johnson, the only Democrat in the race looking to succeed him. That's not a good sign for her. Usually the party rallies around the nominee especially in districts that are thought of as "Swing" or "winnable". The non endorsement speaks volumes.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Joke of the week

Barack Obama met with the Queen of England.

He asked her, "Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient government? What tips can you give to me?"

"Well," said the Queen, "the most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people."

Obama frowned, and then asked, "But how do I know the people around are really intelligent?"

The Queen took a sip of tea. "Oh, that's easy; you just ask them to answer an intelligent riddle."

The Queen pushed a button on her intercom. "Please send Tony Blair in here, would you?"

Tony Blair walked into the room and said, "Yes, Your Majesty?"

The Queen smiled and said, "Answer me this please, Tony, your mother and father have

a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it?"

Without pausing for a moment, Tony Blair answered, "That would be me."

"Yes! Very good," said the Queen.

Obama went back home to ask Joe Biden, his vice presidential choice the same question. "Joe, answer this for

me. Your mother and your father have a child. It's not your brother and it's not your sister. Who is it?"

"I'm not sure," said Biden. "Let me get back to you on that one." He went to his advisors

and asked every one, but none could give him an answer

Finally, Biden ran into Sarah Palin out eating one night. Biden asked, "Sarah, can you

answer this for me? Your mother and father have a child and it's not your brother or your sister.

Who is it?" Sarah Palin answered right back, "That's easy, it's me!"

Biden smiled, and said, "Thanks!" Then, he went back to speak with Obama.

"Say, I did some research and I have the answer to that riddle. It's Sarah Palin!"

Obama got up, stomped over to Biden, and angrily yelled into his face, "No! You idiot! It's Tony Blair!"

Friday, June 08, 2012

Because it was all about safety

A judgement upholding a law we passed restricting issuance of red light camera tickets for right on red violations has shown to have an effect on safety.

It has increased it.

It seems since we passed the law, the number of rear end collisions has decreased. Of course revenue to government and photo ticket camera companies has also gone down. But then the lawsuit that brought the study was never about revenue.... It was only about safety.


From the article...

Catlett said crash data in 2011 at the 14 monitored intersections show an overall decrease of 12 percent in wrecks from 460 in 2010 to 402 last year. Angle crashes showed a 7 percent decrease from 83 in 2010 to 77 last year. The biggest decrease occurred in rear-end wrecks, which decreased 18 percent from 298 in 2010 to 244 in 2011.

"Apparently, the program has modified driving habits, and I'm all for that," Catlett said. "That's the good news. I just hope it doesn't wear off."

Harkins said he feels the photo enforcement program "instilled better driving habits."

"In my 35 years of law enforcement, I've never seen a system that works as well as this does in doing what it's supposed to do," he said.

Catlett last year predicted an uptick in crashes with passage of the new law as drivers realized they no longer faced photo punishment for improper right turns on red.

"Crashes still seem to be going down," he said. "I'm happy to be wrong on that."

Hitler on Wisconsin

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Beating the bully

Republicans are looking for a cheesy bump in their numbers across the nation after Democrats went all in for Wisconsin and lost in all the big races.

The dumb part is, The people who are crying about their loss are the same people who picked the fight in the first place. it was the Democrats who started the recall movement (just months after an election), not the Republicans.

Now they are crying about money influencing the election. Well, a few things. First, you knew the rules going in. Had Republicans raised less then Democrats I doubt they would be crying. Second, are dems willing to return all the outside union money spent in Wisconsin or is Obama going to stop fund raising? No! Are Republicans crying that Obama will have an unfair advantage over Romney because of the over one billion dollars Obama has already raised? No.

It wasn't the money. It was the quick economic turn around Walker did for the state. They went from 3 billion in debt to almost a billion dollars to the positive. It took going after a lot of liberal groups (Like the unions) to do it but the proof is in the pudding. Even 40% of the union members supported what he did.

Now because the Democrats and the unions made such a stink about this fight, built it up so much...and then still lost, it has turned into a road map for other states looking to turn things around. It made a hero out of Scott Walker and showed that people are ready to stand up to the power crazy unions. Even people in traditionally liberal states.

When you beat up the bully, you become the hero.

Goins kicks it off

The states top man for elections (Mark Goins) helps kick off the CMAs with Lady Antebellum.

Takedown breakdown.

Tom Humphrey breaks down Ed Cromiers breakdown of the legislative races.

The subscription-only Journal has three Senate seats rated as partisan toss-up contests - District 20, now held by Democratic Sen. Joe Haynes of Nashville; District 24, now held by Democratic Sen. Roy Herron of Dresden; and District 28, the new open seat in Southern Middle Tennessee. Herron and Haynes are both retiring. District 28 is, in effect, the seat moved from Shelby County by redistricting - a shift that left Democratic Sens. Jim Kyle and Beverly Marrero to run against one another in the primary.

The next most competitive category is "leaning."
District 10, now held by retiring Democratic Sen. Andy Berke of Chattanooga, is rated as "leaning Republican." District 16, now held by retiring Democratic Sen. Eric Stewart of Belvidere, and District 22, held by Democratic Sen. Tim Barnes of Clarksville, are rated as "leaning Democratic."

Thus, Democrats would have to sweep all six of the most competitive races just to maintain their status quo of 13 seats (versus 20 for Republicans now).

In the House, Journal Editor Ed Cromer has nine "toss-up" races.

They are seats now held by Republican Rep. David Hawk of Greeneville (District 5), Democratic Rep. Harry Tindell of Knoxville (who is retiring in District 13), Republican Rep. John Ragan of Oak Ridge (District 33), Republican Rep. David Alexander of Winchester (District 39), Democratic Rep. Gary Moore of Nashville (also retiring, District 50), Republican Rep. Jim Gotto of Nashville (District 60), Republican Rep. Tim Wirgau of Paris (District 75), Republican Rep. Andy Holt of Dresden (District 76) and the new, open-seat District 92, which covers all of Marshall County and parts of Lincoln, Franklin and Marion counties.

There's one "leaning Democrat" seat (open seat District 53 in Nashville) and seven "leaning Republican." Four of the latter are held by incumbent Republicans - Reps. Julia Hurley of Lenoir City, Kelly Keisling of Byrdstown, Shelia Butt of Columbia, Bill Sanderson of Kenton.

From the Journal story:
The Tennessee Journal's initial breakdown shows 25 (House) seats in the safe, probable, or leaning Democratic categories. Democrats would have to win all nine toss-up races simply to get back to where they started -- at 34 seats -- and this is unlikely. Republicans need only a net gain of two seats to have a two-thirds majority.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

investments lose jobs

As I mentioned a few weeks back, the investment of taxpayer money has not yielded a reasonable return on investment of jobs. The Tennessee Business Journal did a little digging and crunched the numbers in a multi part series and concluded that the investments did not produce lasting results and in sourcing might have worked better.

From the articles....

Tennessee, through its FastTrack grant program, paid companies $27.3 million between 2008 and 2010 to train more than 6,200 new workers. By 2011, about 3,400 of those jobs — which the state invested in at an average of $4,388 a piece — were gone. If the dozens of companies that received that cash were required to give back the money, they'd owe the state about $15 million, our analysis found.

Likewise, companies that received $74.2 million in state infrastructure grants between 2006 and 2010 would owe the state nearly $21 million for the more than 4,000 jobs — an average of $5,246 apiece — that no longer exist.

In Middle Tennessee's seven counties, companies moving and expanding in the region between 2008 and 2010 got nearly $20 million — or $9,963 per job — to train roughly 2,000 new workers. By 2011, 585 of those jobs remained, representing a loss of nearly $14 million to the state.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Bust out the baggies!!

M.C. Hammer is commin to town!!. Now where did I put my baggie pants???? Don't lie. I know you are hitting play on this video.

It really is better.

I was facebook talking with a friend who was bemoaning some of the good legislation that did not pass this last year. He complained how it was almost as bad as when the Democrats ran things. While I wanted to see some more good stuff get out, it was still nothing like when Democrats were in power. Not even close. When they ran things not only was it bad, they actually tried to make things worse. Trust me it is worlds better now.

If I had to put it to numbers I would say we pass about 80% good stuff we have been wanting and about 20% of the good stuff dies along with about 95% of their bad stuff.

Back when the Democrats were in power it was about 5% of our big good stuff passed (if that) and about 80% of their really bad stuff passed.

It really has been a sea change.

Get one for the Lamar! car

Well Obama is pushing electric cars like the anemic leaf that Lamar! bought into. The issue is the gas tax pays for road and bridge repair and construction. As cars use less and less gas, states look for ways to get users to pay for the roads they drive on.

Toll roads were pushed for a while. Now it looks like they want to start putting boxes in your car to see where and how much you travel and tax you for milage. I have to say, I thought toll roads was a terrible idea. They look good now by comparison.

Its not cheaper when its free.

Colleges are increasing the costs or dropping their health care plans for students all together because of the regulation from Obamacare.

See ya next year.

A brief run down of some of the bills vetoed, killed or not moved this year.

In other words, we got nuthin'

70 million dollars the state has sunk into bio fuels. Not that the state investment is drying up, guess what we have to show for it....


Sunday, June 03, 2012

Primary questions

There is a sudden big push in primary races to "Protect the incumbent" by the Republican caucus. That seems to be a new norm. There are 23 Republican primary challenges this year. That compares to just five primary challenges to GOP incumbents in both 2010 and 2008.

I ran in one of those five primaries. Two if you consider I ran as a sitting legislator when I was running for the senate. I can say for a fact the caucus never in the past got involved in primaries in favor of the incumbent in any way shape or form, at least not this incumbent.

I guess times have changed. Now the governor is saying the same thing as the caucus. That we need to protect the incumbents.

So lets go over what they are doing.

The governor has done a blanket endorsement of all the incumbents.....All two of them.

What? There are more then 2 incumbents you may say. Isn't the governor and caucus going to be fair and support and endorse them all? So far the governor said he is only coming out for. Doug Overby and Richard Montgomery and has said he will do fundraising for them.

On the flip side the TEA party has strongly come out against Overby saying he is target number one. They are calling this "Tennessee's Dick Lugar moment"

Is this a power struggle for the direction of the caucus? What is the governor and caucus criteria for support? Will this be the standard push to "Protect ALL the incumbents" or will it just be for a select few in leadership who fall in line on every issue?

Snubs like that do not ingratiate the rank and file legislators to the incumbents who get the support, the caucus leadership or the governor. If the caucus and the titular head of the party are going to make those sorts of statements of support there should be a standard. Otherwise there could be changes to leadership should the other 21 come back.

Thinking big.

Louisiana is privatizing their education system. It more or less is a state wide voucher system.

The 47-page bill setting up the voucher program does not outline any consequences for private schools that get poor test scores. Instead, it requires the superintendent of schools to come up with an "accountability system" by Aug. 1. Once he does, the system cannot be altered except by legislative vote.

White would not say whether he is prepared to pull vouchers from private schools that do poorly on tests.

He pointed out that many kids applying for vouchers are now enrolled in dismal public schools where two-thirds of the students can't read or do math at grade level and half will drop out before they graduate high school. Given that track record, he argues it's worth sending a portion of the roughly $3.5 billion a year the state spends on education to private schools that may have developed different ways to reach kids.

"To me, it's a moral outrage that the government would say, 'We know what's best for your child,'" White said. "Who are we to tell parents we know better?"