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Monday, July 30, 2012

A two way correlation ?

Well lets see now, if early voting were down the left would say it is being caused by voter suppression from new voter photo ID laws.

But, since early voting is up to record levels can we safely surmise that people trust the system more and therefore are more likely to vote?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'll pick them for you.

The governor has appointed a special supreme court to hear The case of John J Hooker vs Bill Haslam (regarding the governors appointment of judges rather then electing them).

Is it just me or does any one else think its funny that the person named  in the suit gets to pick the special judges to hear the case?

Oh, so thats why they did it.

This last year there was a big stink made when pro life legislators said abortion doctors had to have admission capabilities at a local hospital.

"Oh, its not needed" said the media.  "Its just a way to try and shut down abortion clinics".

Well the family of the woman who died this last week after a botched abortion at Planned Parenthood in Chicago after the victim sat hemorrhaging for hours because the clinic didn't want to go through the admission process is probably singing a different tune about now.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Look at the world you created!

Frank Cagle takes a look back at the "harm" that has befallen our state by not passing an income tax.

"The income tax bill came to the House floor and was defeated.
Surely Armageddon would ensue.

Tennessee, 10 years on, has a current budget surplus of $600 million. The Legislature this past session eliminated the inheritance tax, the gift tax, and cut the rate of the sales tax on food. This year K-12 was fully funded and funds for higher education were increased. There will be an effort next year to eliminate the Hall income tax for those over 65, and possibly eliminate it altogether.
Name another state during this bad recession that has cut taxes. Around the country, state governments are in crisis. California cities are going bankrupt. Taxes are being raised to cover budget shortfalls.

When Tennessee state government was “starved for revenue” in 2002, the state budget was $20 billion. This coming year the budget is $31 billion.

But there was a sales tax increase in 2002, and at a rate of 9.5 percent in places, it is as high as some major cities. But let’s look around. Alabama has a state income tax. The state and local sales tax rate in Birmingham and Montgomery is 10 percent. Around the country you will find combined sales tax rates of from 8.5 percent to 9.5 percent—all of them in states with a state income tax.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Memories of East Town Mall

Congressional candidate Weston Wamp was asked to leave the mall after people complained about his campaigning outside of the 100 foot boundary of the polling place within the mall . 

As I recall the same thing happened when East Town Mall in Knoxville had a polling place in it about 6 years ago. If I  recall correctly Amy Broyles and Mark Harmon were campaigning there for the Orange ballot and were asked to leave.

While the final outcome is a little foggy to my memory, I thought it was ruled that as long as the candidates  were outside of the 100 foot border they could not be stopped from campaigning there. East town later shut down the polling location (Or possibly they just did not have a polling location there the next election, I'm not quite sure). But I don't think they can stop people from campaigning there.

As I also recall the question got down to where does the 100 feet start. The mall doors or the shop space where the polling booths are.  I think it was ruled the 100 feet starts where the booths are located.

Joke of the week.


>> * (subsequent to the Columbian scandal)*

 *The Secret Service issued new rules of conduct for agents Friday.
They can no longer get drunk, procure hookers or go to strip bars.
The rules say that from now on, if agents feel compelled to engage
 In such behavior, they can run for public office like everyone else.*

Zelnic post legislative endorsements

Seems Rep. Judd Methaney, Sen. Kerry Roberts, Sen. Mae Beavers, Rep. Rick Womack have jumped on the Zelnic bus. Presser to follow.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Line of the day.

When approached about the issue, Summerville said he believed The Herald wanted a "little piece of sensationalism guaranteeing your readers, a few of whom who read at about a sixth-grade level, so I am not going to cooperate with your investigation."

Sen. Jim Summerville to a reporter asking him about a neighbor who complained about his dog.

I bet they think they will grow.

The secular humanists after a big media push signed up 15 people. I bet they think they will grow. I mean, you got to have faith....right?

Friday, July 20, 2012

The more things change...

And in Tennessee...

Sorry I have been a little light on the blogging lately. I have been busy helping candidates (or pushing hard fixing up a new house) during the days and have been going to a lot of events at night. Last night was the center city Republican club cake auction at the I 75 expo center followed by the Jewish Republican club 3rd anniversary luau at Harbies Pizza off Broadway (they have one of the best veggie Pizzas in town by the way).

Both were packed houses and fun events. Always good to hang out with like minded people.

Republicans are fired up!! 

Joe Bailey was there and gave a report on the Romney campaign. It was about what I expected. Obama is down about 15 points in Tennessee and it doesnt look good for him across the nation. Nation wide polls may show its close but that really doesnt matter. Its the ellectoral college that counts in elections and that is where he is in big trouble. Yes, Obama will probably win NY and California big but in most of the key states he is dropping like a stone. Florida, the Carolinas, even PA may be in play for Romney and the Republicans.

Romney has been saving his campaign money and Obama has been spending his as fast as it comes in. Probably faster (sort of like his federal spending policy). Its not helping. His numbers continue to drop.

I expect this election will turn out a lot like Jimmy carter Ronald Reagan. The media will build it up and build it up until just befor the election saying how close of a race it is going to be, but in the end it will not be even close.

Thought of the day

‎"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." -- Ronald Reagan

Thought of the day

Since it wasn't me who "built my own business" I wonder if I can send all my bills to whoever did.

Monday, July 16, 2012

So good deserving of a post.

Some times I read comments elsewhere that are so good they deserve their own post. This one is from a former Democrat who is sick of the direction his former party has taken.

Then it must be very frustrating seeing my former party completely abandon middle-class America with near constant drumbeat of programs only for those at the lowest economic strata.
The moment a Democratic lead government actually lowers taxes for those who actually pay taxes (not a EIC boost) then I will cut out the vitriol.
Right now (as media has reported) the Democratic Party has admittedly surrendered middle-class and blue collar Americans (those not in unions anyway) to the GOP. It is obvious to any impartial person, that the party is relying on class warfare for new voters. Primarily the intergenerational poor, illegal immigrants and the easy-to-scare elderly to create a base. If the Democrats can get the base of dependent voters up and over 50% then they have an unsurmountable majority of the electorate.

However, as one can tell with the ID and this voter station whining; it is difficult to rely on the ignorant and listless as a dependent base. It's rather like herding dumb cats.
The easier that these dumb, listless and illegal voters can cast a vote, the more likely the Democratic Party can succeed. It appears that spoon-feeding the mob is required.

Because, if these core constituents actually obtain an education, get a job, stay out of jail or become legal citizens; they are far more likely to vote for another party.

It is not MY fault that YOUR party is pandering to the lowest common denominator in American society. That is their decision.

Let me ask you this. Which party has a greater need to keep people poor, ignorant and envious in order to stay in power? Be honest.
There's always an outlier (maybe yourself) who thinks they are truly helping these people and continue to vote (D). But for the most part, the party has a careful balancing act. How to "help people" without actually "helping people". Since 1965 they have done this fairly well.

Family Action Council voter guide

The Family Action Council voter guide can be found here.  While I always appreciate anything that gets voters more answers on where the candidates stand, I question what direct impact some of the questions have on families or family issues.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Show me the money!!! (senate)

Here is a breakdown of the fundraising numbers for the second quarter of people running for the state senate copied from the Tennessee Journal.

D Candidate             Receipts  Spending  Balance    Loans

2 Doug Overbey (R) $84,630  $103,988 $227,112 $1,000

2 Scott Hughes (R) 30,130 23,070 24,997 0

8 Frank Niceley (R) 66,230 31,831 46,440 0

8 C.B.-Jackson (R) 29,400 18,779 13,193 10,000

10 Gardenhire (R) 37,850 24,627 18,493 20,000

10 Greg Vital (R) 170,175 153,308 80,735 125,000

10 A. McGary (D) 10,797 6,726 4,070 0

10 Testerman (D) 4,936 3,560 1,375 2,400

16 J. Bowling (R) 8,505 10,906 25,923 0

16 Eric Chance (R) 4,775 5,977 313 2,500

16 Jim Lewis (D) 18,945 15,152 *4,142 0

16 Steve Roller (D) 11,895 9,322 *2,572 0

16 Justin Walling (D) 15,545 11,297 4,247 550

18 Ferrell Haile (R) 53,790 91,004 88,003 20,000

18 Jeff Coker (R) 15,840 18,330 9,746 0

18 Tony Allers (R) 13,500 6,972 6,899 2,000

18 Maria Brewer (D) 6,785 4,133 2,651 0

20 Phillip North (D) 200,885 23,933 176,951 100,000

20 S. Dickerson (R) 100,040 126,237 158,310 100,000

20 David Hall (R) 8,167 4,646 3,520 6,976

20 R. Mortensen (R) 31,040 16,047 16,593 1,500

22 Tim Barnes (D) 63,354 12,325 80,340 0

22 Mark Green (R) 134,575 24,169 *224,922 32,631

24 B. Thompson (D) 113,935 4,224 109,710 0

24 D. Jowers (R) 10,750 1,590 *17,960 5,000

24 John Stevens (R) 37,850 16,542 48,436 0

26 D. Gresham (R) 45,825 27,470 *125,211 10,000

26 Meryl Rice (D) 14,074 1,950 12,124 0

28 Dean Dickey (R) 16,184 11,345 *6,403 0

28 Joey Hensley (R) 71,078 56,248 135,282 100,000

28 Ty Cobb (D) 35,865 26,640 46,949 0

30 B. Marrero (D) 20,225 16,240 24,739 0

30 # Jim Kyle (D) 43,520 21,884 42,983 0

Show me the money!!!! (House)

Here is a breakdown of the fundraising numbers for the second quarter of people running for the state house copied from the Tennessee Journal.

D Candidate          Receipts Spending Balance Loans

2 Tony Shipley (R) $25,995   $28,407  $15,593   $1,800

2 Ben Mallicote (R) 23,460     31,444 15,755        5,000

3 Timothy Hill (R) 19,300 11,337 28,962 15,500

3 Kevin Parsons (R) 6,900 7,573 *90 763

5 David Hawk (R) 12,675 4,243 11,444 0

5 Ted Hensley (R) 35,866 32,429 *3,737 12,907

5 Brad Mercer (R) 6,373 2,492 3,881 0

5 Eddie Yokley (D) 8,690 273 8,417 0

13 Gary Loe (R) 12,225 1,316 12,308 1,400

13 V. Brabson (R) 3,673 2,234 *1,438 0

13 G. Johnson (D) 19,045 1,749 24,674 6,000

28 T. Brown (D) 0 1,790 4,134 0

28 # J. Favors (D) 5,550 12,701 *10,778 0

32 Julia Hurley (R) 7,635 23,114 15,524 0

32 Kent Calfee (R) 10,128 20,637 12,501 25,000

39 D. Alexander (R) 13,020 1,662 28,026 0

39 Doug Clark (D) 6,670 3,211 3,458 0

45 D. Maggart (R) 106,380 45,650 146,796 2,500

45 C. Rogers (R) 38,397 31,752 10,229 0

50 Bo Mitchell (D) 49,046 11,142 37,953 0

50 C. Williamson (R) 3,755 60,556 46,246 95,000

50 D J Farris (R) 17,087 7,652 12,450 0

50 Dave Hall (R) NA NA NA NA

53 Jason Potts (D) 5,450 4,398 1,348 2,800

53 Jason Powell (D) 8,465 8,111 15,113 0

53 B. Claybaker (R) 20,285 4,631 15,653 0

57 Linda Elam (R) 23,968 20,304 *24,647 33,277

57 Susan Lynn (R) 38,439 3,170 *37,594 32,020

59 Sherry Jones (D) 5,292 3,105 71,243 0

59 Robert Duvall (R) 11,922 3,752 9,369 0

60 Jim Gotto (R) 30,055 2,610 52,030 0

60 D. Jernigan (D) 27,318 3,369 54,754 0

65 J. Durham (R) 13,808 31,137 66,722 0

65 Kenny Young (R) 30,435 124,418 28,020 0

66 Josh Evans (R) 29,575 13,570 52,081 0

66 Lee Harrell (R) 22,300 11,445 10,854 0

70 Barry Doss (R) 16,700 33,803 24,242 0

70 Don Parr (R) 86,390 15,045 71,344 85,040

70 Calvin Moore (D) 60,075 255 59,320 40,000

75 Tim Wirgau (R) 9,010 8,859 39,914 635

75 Steve Wright (D) 11,375 5,760 *10,039 0

76 Andy Holt (R) 26,250 3,471 30,969 0

76 Mark Maddox (D) 16,742 521 41,624 0

90 John Deberry (D) 7,950 0 114,996 0

90 # Richardson (D) 10,074 11,221 *9,685 0

92 Vicki Cain (D) 2,020 1,515 505 0

92 M.R. Baxter (D) NA NA NA NA

92 Billy Spivey (R) 20,000 16,353 16,456 0

92 Ann Bankston (R) 11,400 6,467 4,932 10,000

93 Mike Kernell (D) 11,310 10,412 *1,281 22,299

93 # Hardaway (D) 0 838 *33,525 13,710

You know what they say about a lover spurned.

The NRA and TFA have gone all in after Deb Maggart over one bill. The guns in parking lots bill. They say they plan to drop 75K into her race to try and beat her on this one issue.


I know the NRA and the TFA are single issue groups but to go all in on one candidate who I think had limited impact over one bill (of a possible many) seems a little over the top to me.

Was that the only gun bill in the legislature this last year?

No.  I had 4 or 5 that could have passed with a little support from one of those groups.

Did she kill one of her own bills as the sponsor?

No. The NRA to my knowledge picked the sponsors that let them down and did not move or set up for motions on their bills. In fact Josh Evans and I had a similar bill and were ready to move it but the NRA wanted and supported that one bill and that one bill only for some reason.

Was she the only person to vote against the bills?

No. There were several who voted against it or let it die. I honestly don't know if Maggart even voted on the bill ever.

Does she have a long history of fighting against gun bills?

No. In fact Maggart had a 100% voting record for them for as long as I can remember.

Does the NRA/TFA have a history of going after a single legislator on a single issue like this?

No. Not really. Even Jimmy Naifeh got a pass for years until the very end where leadership votes were scored on an NRA survey.

Has Maggart said "No way, No how, Never!" On the parking lot bill?

No. In fact she has said several times it could still happen next year but the bill is not ready yet. It still needs some work.

Did Maggart make threats to other legislators to vote against their consciences?

No. Not that I ever heard from any legislator.

So seriously, are their no other races that are more key out there?

Early voting/ my picks and predictions.

Early voting starts today so go vote.

Not that my opinion or predictions mean much but here are my picks for a few of the more high profile races. Yes, to everyone there race is high profile but I am not doing a state wide rundown on all the good candidates we have. Yes, there are some liberal  and some great legislators who seem to be in a dog fights this year and there could be some upsets election night. We will see. But these seem to be the primary races with the eyes on them.

Doctor / Rep. Joey Hensly and soil scientist / Rep. Frank Niceley have been solid conservative votes in the  house. In my 6 years there I put them up as the legislators with the all time top 4 or 5 most conservative vote records. They will both be more then welcome in the senate.

Come on boys! We need you!

Rep. Deb Maggart gets the nod to return to the house. One non vote on one issue that she probably will support in the future does not define a person or a candidate. NRA and TFA have gone way too far on this trying to make an example of someone.

Jeremy Durham gets the nod in Williamson County. A sharp, conservative ground pounder is always welcome to the legislature as far as I am concerned and the guy is a worker. If he can keep the mo going in the legislature he, and his district,  will be quite happy.

Gary Loe in Knoxville gets the nod over Vanderbilt Brabson for the old Harry Tindell seat. Van is a player on the grow and has a future in Republican politics if he comes out of his shell a little more and keeps it up but Gary has bided his time and done the leg work. It is his time.

Newby reps Jeremy Fazon and Josh Evans have also proven their conservative prominence and deserve a second term. I think they can develope a strong voice in the future.

My old seat "The fighting 18th!" I predict Steve Hall in a squeaker. I know, he is unopposed but hey he is a close friend.

The 89th. This is a tough one. All the candidates seem to be working and I really could see it going in any of 4 directions. Roger Kane has a lot of signs in yards around Karns, Joey McCulley has the best signs but not as many in yards.

Bo Pierce was looking ok until the KNS endorsed him. That is like the kiss of death in a tight race.  I was talking to one campaign person in another race who said they were worried about their race until they read of their candidates non endorsement in the paper. Upon reading the news they rolled over and went back to sleep knowing their race was won.

 If you put a gun to my head and said I had to pick one I would say Tim Hutchison pulls it out. He is the only one who has sent out much mail (That I know of) , he claims to be door knocking and his name ID is higher. I think that wins the day for him.

And for Anderson county mayor. Why, it has to be Terry Frank of course! Gooch is an Obama trial lawyer loon and Terry is a sane, conservative blogger and one of the sharpest political minds out there.  Her hubby Lee is no slouch either and can keep things focused on the big picture. Together they are a brain trust that can jump start what has been a community needing some home grown spark.

Again, this is not an end all be all list. Just my picks and predictions with my ear to the ground.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Holy smackdown Batman!!

Lamar!  gets taken to the woodshed for his environmental vote and his rebuttal of the story against it.

I would post a section of it but the entire piece is smack after smack.

Money, Money, Money

Always money.  In the political world.

Although it has never been my personal experience as David Oatney points out, Chas Sisk does a rundown on how the TEA party may need to go to the next level (money) to keep winning races.

Also Terry frank gets http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2012/jul/12/gooch-tops-frank-in-raising-money-spending-in/ from the KNS. They really seem to want to beat her although with great info on her disclosure like this its going to be hard.

Frank's mother, Anne Philips, made the biggest single contribution during the period, with $1,400. In the campaign disclosure form, Phillips' occupation is listed as "all around awesome mom."

AWWWWWW! How cute is that?!?!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Friday, July 06, 2012

Frank Niceley theme song

And on the other side

Well, after some good news on the life front from yesterday, it seems Steve Cohen and the Democrats have been able to put over 1 million taxpayer dollars into abortion provider Planned Parenthood in Memphis.

While Republicans have control of the budget strings in the US house things like this and Obamacare should not make it out of the blocks.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Quote of the day.

It seems Democrat leader Mike Turner will be supportive of Republican measures to reform higher ed in Tennessee.

From the TNReports article....

Turner hinted that Democrats and Republicans might be able to find some common ground trying to determine how to diminish bloated, upper-level bureaucratic dead weight in the state’s university system.

“Higher ed has got to learn that we are in difficult times. When they cut they just tend to cut the bottom,” said Turner, a firefighter from Old Hickory who isn’t facing a re-election opponent this year. “They’ve still got their 19 vice presidents and their department heads and above them they’ve got chancellors, and I don’t think they live in the real world up there. If the United States can have one vice president, I’m not sure UT needs 19.”

Good news on the life front

Abortions in Tennessee may see a sharp decrease thanks to reasonable safety restrictions.http://www.metropulse.com/news/2012/jul/02/knoxville-abortion-clinics-losing-doctors/

Monday, July 02, 2012

"We're from the government and we are here to help you."

Reagan said it best. The most feared words a business owner can hear are "We are from the federal government and we're here to help you"

Eric Stewart is trying to go the other way with a rally for the regulators.

"State Sen. Eric Stewart, a Democrat who is challenging DesJarlais in the 4th Congressional District, held an alternative event where businessmen, farmers and students discussed how the federal government helps them"

I am sure that was a packed house full of business owners and farmers.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Today is the day.

Well, it only took about 20 years but my bill for drug testing as part of recieving govt benefits went into effect today.