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Friday, August 31, 2012

Liberals showing their tolerance

Another letter by a liberal showing their open minded views of divergent opinions. This one suggests Jim Summerville and I should be put in jail for ours.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Convention update II

Good speakers. Better then last night. I think last night was more of armature hour. Tonight was the pros. I ran into Newt coming out of the elevators so I thought he might be speaking but no such luck. Word is he is being shut out.

Top speech was clearly Paul Ryan. He totally crushed! Too many good one liners to cover them all but he railed Obama and his failure to take responsibility.

While I am not a huge fan I give 2nd place to Condoleezza Rice. She started out sounding a little nervous but got better in time. She pushed education a lot. She sounded like she may be angling for Dept of Ed.

NM Governor Susana Martinez did a solid job and told a great personal story

Worst had to be John Mc Cain. He sounded completely tired and uninspired.

Almost every speaker for two days has mentioned the "You didn't build that!" comment Obama made. It is clearly the theme.

Screw up of the night was having a giant picture of Condi  Rice and Colin Powell on the stage. Ummm,  you guys know he endorsed Obama last election right?

Ron Paul watch...

The Paul supporters did not seem happy as Rand spoke of why he was endorsing Romney.

Later, some of them marched around in the hall chanting "As goes Maine, so goes the Nation!" before walking out of the Arena.

Rick Santorum Walked around on the floor and was swamped. They finally had to have him leave the floor so they could clear the walkways.

Top Rumor...

Clint Eastwood may be comming tomorrow night.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why we dont give a rats ...

Why has Jim Summervilles catchphrase "I don't give a rats ass what the black caucus thinks" become the catchphrase of the Tennessee delegation? Because we dont like race based segregationists of any stripe.

Simple enough?

Convention notes.


Was TIGHT. I mean for blocks around the building it was all fences and multiple guards on every corner. No lie. about every 20 feet there were a pack of security guards. They were all nice but most were from out of the area and weren't much help to this driver who gets lost quite easily outside of Knoxville.

Big miss....

The convention wanted people to Skype/ tweet/blog/ use social media....Except they didn't provide any Internet service. What a missed opportunity.

Ron Paul.....

Tennessee was right next to Maine. When the move was made to elect Romney by acclamation they freaked.  His supporters were there and were quite vocal......But as usual, when the roll call votes were counted he didn't get that many actual delegates (My guess was 40-50).

The who's who........

Ron Paul and Rand Paul were there and walked around the convention floor taking pictures with about everyone. Ron seemed cool and waved and shook hands with every one he met. He seemed happy to be there. It didn't seem to me like Rand Paul liked shaking hands. He would do the pix but would stand with his hands in front of him with a cool dry look on his face (He is also a lot shorter then I thought he was).  It was sort of funny watching him shut out the press. One local reporter came up and tried to ask him a question only to have him look her straight in the eye and say "I cant hear you" and walk away even though it wasn't that loud and I could clearly hear her (and I was behind her and Rand was six inches away right in front of her).

Diane Sawyer made 3 entrances onto the floor. No, really. She would walk in with her entourage about 50 yards onto the floor  then turn around, walk back and then about two minutes later..... and then do it again.....And again.  After a while it was like" OK we see you. Yes, we realize it is you. Get over yourself."

On the other side of the coin......

I sort of saw David Gregory (Of meet the press)  I was up in the mezzanine getting a hot dog and I heard someone ask if they they could get a quick photo only to get shot down with the lame excuse of "No, I have to go see Romney" and he zoomed on by and ducked into the NBC room. The only bad thing about the excuse was Romney wasn't expected to even be in the building for hours and he went into a small room where Romney was surely not headed.  By the way, that dude is HUGE! like 6 foot five or six at least.

Funny line of the night.....

I was eating my hot dog talking with another delegate and I pointed out "Hey, there is Sam Donaldson" (About 4 feet away) to the other delegate.  He said in a loud (But serious) voice. "Man, I thought he was dead!" I'm not sure Sam caught it but I sort of cringed.

One of the hotties I recognized from Fox news was walking around shaking hands and doing photos. She seemed nice. Rudy Giuliani was there but stuck close to the NY delegation area.

The Oak Ridge boys did an awesome rendition of amazing grace and about the entire place was singing it. it was spiritual.

They had some American Idol singer do "I'm proud to be an American" While he did an OK job, I thought "Man for a tank of gas and a fresh bag of Doritos they could have gotten Lee Greenwood to come do it himself. He sings that song so much around Tennessee he probably sings it in his sleep"

Speech of the night.....

Chris Christie knocked it out of the park but I think the title may go to Rick Santorum. I could see people seeing it the other way though. Runner up would go to Ann Romney (she did a good job humanizing Mitt) followed by a new face on the scene. I honestly did not catch her name but she was a young black female congressional candidate. She was electric.  (UPDATE: Her name was Mia B. Love, from Utah. Hat Tip:Tregonsee) There was also a crossover Dem and one of the other governors did a good job. The rest were so so.

Minority outreach......

The GOP looked like they were really trying to reach out across traditional lines. The opening prayer was by a Rabbi (I saw a pretty big contingent of Jewish people there in yamakas) and 5 of the 9 speakers were Hispanic or black. They all did a great job and were very well received. As Marsha Blackburn said GOP is the Great Opportunity Party. The outreach is there.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Haslam gives his big endorsement for.....

Mitt Romney.....I guess.

I couldnt give a rats....

Ahhhh.... The catch phrase of the convention (at least among the Tennessee delegation) is "I couldn't give a rats ass!"

It is all a reference to Sen. Jim Summervilles comments on what he thinks the black caucus can do with their input into a legislative hearing on higher ed (A hearing they are not in charge of in any way shape or form).

If I only had a dollar for every time I have heard "I loved it. He is so right....Of course we cant say it out loud!"

I would be a rich man.

on 12 and 15

The Republican rules committee has been burning the late night oil trying to adjust the rules on delegates.

The latest word is the final decision will go back to the states to decide. If the state wants them bound to their pledged candidate for so many rounds then so be it. If they want to leave them unbound, so be it.

This all came about as some states who were won by one candidate (Romney) had all their delegates taken over by Ron Paul delegates at the local state convention. The party thought this was thwarting the will of the majority of people who had voted for Romney.

The new rule goes back to the states to let them set up a better system (If they want the delegates bound in relation to how the election went or not).

 The other new rule allows the national party to adjust their own rules if they get over 75% on a vote while out of session (previous to the next 4 year convention). It has to be 75% of all members. Not just members present. That is a very high bar  but allows them to make changes if some real controversy comes up.

Akin wrong? Not so fast....

Pro life advocate Fletcher Armstrong takes up for Todd Akin.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ron Paul and the Tampa hurricane convention.

I'm in Tampa Florida for the RNC convention. As many people already know the first day has been postponed by hurricane Isac.

All I can say is if this is a hurricane then East Tennessee has one about every other week. Seriously. It's not that bad.

Some minor wind and intermittent light to medium rain. Nothing bad at all yet.

Ron Paul had a "big rally" last night at one of the local arenas and "Blues Travelers" John Popper played. I'm sorry I missed it. I love Blues Traveler but I didn't get the invite until almost 10 PM. I think the event went until 2 AM but I was already gassed from the drive down and about 5 hrs of sleep the previous few days. I skipped it.

Similar to the fears of the impending hurricane (Hat tip:Post Politics). The party establishment seem pretty up tight about the infusion of the Ron Paul supporters and are not sure what to do. They seem to have (What I see as) an unrealistic fear that he and his supporters will try to hijack the convention and nominate Ron Paul at the last second.

Well. it is a convention. I guess anything could happen. But as the establishment is often known to do, their over reaction will be worse and look worse, then anything the Ron Paul supporters could ever actually pull off.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wouldn't it be ironic if....

 I just wonder if the homosexual advocate who went on a shooting spree at the Family Research Council will be charged with a hate crime?

The Clayton test

George Korda does a great article on how Democrats are setting up a litmus test for party membership. 

If you aren't for homosexual marriage or don't think 7 year olds should be taught about homosexuality in schools then you are out of the party.

I think it should be called the Clayton test.

And is now set to run for the US Senate...

John Ford has been released from federal prison.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guns in parking lots/trunks

The guns in parking lots/trunks bill may come back next year.

Yes. I may carry it, but the question from me will be more one about how the process will move forward. As I have said publicly, I thought the way things went down last year was bad. What could have been a worked out bill turned into a "Who has the bigger.....stick" contest.

In the end, nothing passed.

Instead of it being about the legislation it became more about personalities. Legislators were mad at the gun advocates (A traditional friend) and gun advocates got mad at legislators (people who are traditionally on their side).

While there was a electoral blood letting I still think for this bill to move forward it will require tempers to come back down to earth and both sides will need to be willing to find ways to make something work.

Going from bad to worse

The TSU grade changing flap is blowing up again. I sat on the committee to look into what happened regarding the grade change mess.

Long and short, What it appeared to me to look like was a few concerned teachers who were not "in the loop" heard about the grade changing and thought it didn't pass the smell test. Instead of going up the chain of command they jumped to the upper most levels and the media (for claimed fear of reprisals).

In the end, it appeared to come out that it was done in a "legal" way but was poorly handled.

The committee was drafting some suggestions as this new mess where the faculty senate president (who was one of the people bringing the original complaint) was arrested after she refused to be silent as the university president allegedly advocated for her removal from office. 

 It more and more is getting to appear it was not a problem of the product but more of the process of how people interact with each other at the campus.

About that "Don't feed the animals" quote...

David Fowler fires back with this letter to the editor about his now famous facbook quote.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Left wing "Fair and balanced"

A conservative from the family Action Council of TN makes a comment on facebook about food stamps being similar to feeding wild animals and it is a top story.

On the other hand, at the parent company of that conservative group (The Family Research Council),
A homosexual advocate, packing a bunch of Chic -fil-a, goes on a shooting rampage because he doesn't like the pro family message they talk about and it doesn't even make the mainstream news?

I guess that is left wing "Fair and balanced".

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Yea. It has."

I was at the Home Depot today when my favorite song came on the PA system. Every time I hear it I just smile and think "Yea. It has."

One down. Eight to go.

A long time Knoxville abortion clinic has closed.  They claim the legislatures bill to make it so abortion doctors have to have admission privileges in hospitals stopped the abortions at their clinic and without abortions they could not afford to stay open.

Funny, all the planned Parenthood supporters claim providing abortions isn't about the money. That  its only a small part of what they do and a fraction of their income.

Clearly that is not the case.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

162 attempt voter fraud in TN?

Democrats claim that voter fraud is seldom an issue but according to Mark Goins 162 potential cases of voter fraud may have been avoided in Tennessee in this last election alone.

Goins said  "277 people were asked to cast provisional ballots because they lacked photo ID, and that 115 of those ballots were later counted after the voters appeared at election offices with proper ID."

That leaves 162 people in this last election alone who did not or could not get a free ID as the person they claimed to be.

With all the notification to people that free photo ID is now required to vote, I am sure that helped suppress a lot of the voter fraud that had been going on, undetectable for years in Tennessee, right off the bat.

Good job!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Why Democrats cant get rid of Mark Clayton

While the Democrats have the legal ability to get rid of Mark Clayton and replace him with a convention chosen candidate they wont do it.

Here are the top 6 reasons why.

6. Time. They are running out of days to make a change. The party is in such disarray they cant even change their underwear much less their candidate for the biggest election in the state. They will over think it and do nothing.

5. They don't have another candidate. While they did like Park, they don't any more. She threw the party under the bus after she got creamed by saying the party promised her money and then never produced. If they went to a convention type pick, then history has had the pick come from the candidates listed on the ballot. The remaining candidates don't look so good either seeing as one of them is awaiting trial for soliciting a 7 year old girl for sex. Yikes!

4. Mark Clayton won the primary by a landslide. The parties hand picked candidate (Park Overall) got 4th. To remove Mark, the Democrats would be disenfranchising over 40,000 voters at a time when they are trying to say the Republican law of voter ID has disenfranchised people (even thought they are hard put to even find a single person who was not allowed to vote since the voter ID bill passed.)  The republican fax machine is warmed up and ready for that presser.
3. Chip Forester really stepped in it when he made the entire issue about homosexual marriage. Had he said about anything else he might have gotten away with it.....But he didn't. Now if they kick Clayton off the ballot they become the homosexual marriage party. As the democrats sink into obscurity even they realize that sort of move in Tennessee would finish them off.
2. The litmus test question. If they kick Mark Clayton off the ballot for being pro life and pro traditional marriage then the question that will obviously come up the next day is, "Who's next?" Will they say a John Mark Wendel cant be a democrat or a Charlie Curtis type candidate is no longer welcome? I mean they support the same issues as Mark Clayton does. Why him and not them?

1. Because I told them not to and if they know whats good for them they will listen. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

More about Mark Clayton

As many people know, I know a little about Democrat US Senate candidate Mark Clayton. We worked together on the classroom protection act (He supported it and had supporters who followed suit). He is pro life and pro traditional family.

As you may also know, the Democrat party is now actively trying to find a way to throw him out of the party for these beliefs.

Mark is a Democrat. I tried to convert him to the Republican party about a year ago telling him how the Democrat party leadership had left people like him a long time ago. They have now, for the first time, come out as pro homosexual marriage as part of their official party platform. They have been pro abortion for years.

Mark still refused to switch.

I intend to be at a press conference with Mark a little later on today to say that.  As I said, Mark is a democrat but if we had more Democrats like him the world would be a better place. We need to get to where both parties are pro traditional family, pro second amendment and pro life. If we get there we can take the social issues off the table and just talk demand/supply side economics. 

Till then, its battle on.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Great article

This is a great article on something I have been talking about for years.

I said long ago there are many groups that are not pushing "tolerance" of homosexuality in schools but are instead pushing "acceptance" of homosexuality in our schools. I had documented written proof from these "educational groups" that that was their goal as they teach in our Tennessee but the definitions are sometimes difficult to understand.

The article lays it out quite clearly.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Th next VP

While I hate to lose him in the house Paul Ryan is a great VP pick. He knows how to SHRED with facts and numbers.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Quote of the day.

It's true. Mark Clayton is associated with a known hate group in Washington, D.C.

It's called the Democratic Party.


Thursday, August 09, 2012

Clayton calls for removal of Dem party chair

Mark Clayton has called out Democrat party chairman to shut up or be put out of office.

From TNReports...

“Chip Forrester is, despite reports to the contrary, not the Democratic Party. He just has a job. He just needs to stay at his office and do his job,” said Clayton, who prevailed as an underdog candidate in a crowded field. “I mean, if he did his job we wouldn’t have a problem with that. But if he continues to act against party rules and fight an elected nominee, then we’re going to have to go for his resignation.

“After everything that Martin Luther King went through, after everything we went through as a nation for civil rights, hundreds of years of slavery and violence, we’re going to have a Democratic Party that would take away people’s votes is just very shocking and disturbing to some of our supporters,” said Clayton.

Now, even the Tennessean is calling for Chip to go.

If the party knew about Clayton’s positions before the election and did not actively educate voters about their opposition, hoping (praying?) that he would not win, because they were afraid to publicize their error in allowing him on the ballot at all (again), then that is unconscionable bad judgment. If they were totally unaware of his positions, then that is incompetence.

In either case, leadership should own their responsibility and make way for a new team.

Bring out your dead!

Democrats are again trying to figure out a way to strike down in courts the voter ID law that requires a (available free) photo ID to be presented before voting.

The ID is used as a form of verification the person is who they say they are to prevent voter fraud.

Joke of the week. (Olympic edition)

The International Olympic Committee announced today that it has taken back the gold medal previously awarded to American skier Lindsey Vonn and given it to U.S. President Barack Obama.
Olympic officials said Obama deserved the medal more than Vonn because no one has ever taken a country downhill faster than he has.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Yes, He is a Democrat.

There is a lot of talk going around about conservative Democrat Mark Clayton being thrown off the ballot by Democrats after his landslide primary election win because of his conservative views. Many Democrats are saying he is not a Democrat and is really a Republican/TEA party plant.

I can speak from experience on that.

It is not so.

I try to take all calls that come to my office and talk to the people be it pro or con.

While working to pass the classroom protection act in Tennessee, Mark called my office several times to offer support for the legislation. Mark would often start the conversation with how he was a Democrat but liked the legislation's pro family/state neutrality goal. We talked on other issues (such as traditional marriage) and we agreed there as well. He said he was a old time conservative Democrat like a John Mark Wendel or John Jay Hooker. He mentioned how some Democrats in the legislature voted for the traditional marriage definition be put in the constitution.

He mentioned how he was going to run for the US Senate and had before as a Democrat. I told him how I thought he was in the wrong party. The values of the "Old time" christian,   conservative, Democrat party were gone. How the Democrats had been taken over by the radical fringe and many Democrats were now becoming Republican.

He was set to continue forward.

I really didn't think much of it at the time because I knew the Democrats were really pushing Park Overall. I guess Mark (and many Democrat voters) missed  the memo or Mark had a message that still resonated with a few "pro family" Democrats.

He won.

This threw the democrat party into a fit. Instead of kicking the Democrat off the ballot who is under indictment for trying to molest a 7 year old, the Democrat party is looking to purge anyone who has views similar to the presidents views until a few months ago.

We clearly see what is and what is not acceptable to be a Democrat any more. As I said, radical fringe. Where will those "Old time" Pro family Democrats go?

The Republican party is a big tent. You are welcome here.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Unity rallys only one way

Why is it there is always a unity rally for conservatives to rally behind moderates when the moderates win a primary battle but when conservatives win the day their never seems to be a return of the favor?

Sales tax free weekend!!

Today through Sunday at midnight is  the sales tax holiday weekend. There is no sales tax on clothes, shoes computers or art supplies.

This weekend is a great opportunity to save your self some money on those needed supplies. Go shop!!!

Friday, August 03, 2012

So if I eat at Chic-fil-A am I a member of a hate group?

Democrats are freaking out that their nominee for the US Senate is a member of a pro traditional marriage group. They are calling it a "Hate group". It sounds like they are on the verge of throwing him out of the party for his pro family views.

I am just curious if someone eats at a Chic-Fil-a fast food restaurant that is pro traditional marriage does that make them a supporter of a "hate group" and not welcome as a Democrat?
The Democrats have really started to go fringe and close their "big tent" to anything pro family. They have adopted a pro homosexual marriage plank as part of their platform. Now they are saying anyone who doesn’t agree with them is part of a "hate group". I know there used to be several pro family Democrats in the state but those numbers have to be dwindling quickly.

You would think the show of support for traditional marriage at chick fil a the day before huge Republican turnout at the polls yesterday would have taught the Democrats something.

I guess not.
I am sure the Republican party and Chic-fil-a thanks them.

Can you say 82-17 house?

If you go by how many people showed up and voted in the party primaries and expect those numbers to follow through to the general election then Democrats are in BIG TROUBLE.

In the senate, of contested races, Democrats only win one race. The Jimmy Kyle race. All the rest go Republican.

In the house only 17 seats trend or are leaning Democrat and most of those were not that close.

One to watch might be district 41 where Rep. John Mark Wendal was even losing to Republican Bobbie Stewart.

Can you say 82-17 Republican majority in the house?

Senate upsets.

None really. In all cases the sitting legislator or house member moving up won.

Rep./Doc. Joey Hensley STOMPED in what at one time was thought to be a competitive race.

Rep. Frank Niceley won by a pretty good margin even after the NRA came out and dropped his rating from an A+ to a C.
Doug Overby dropped HUGE money into his race outspending his opponent Scott Hughs by what some expect to be 6 or 7 to 1. It was closer then many expected but still not that close.

The one open seat shocker was Todd Gardenhire over Greg Vital by 15 votes. Most thought Vital would outspend Gardenhire and buy it but it was not to be. The (presumably) more conservative Gardenhire dumped enough of his own money in to pull it out.

Where it was contested between sitting legislators Jimmy Kyle beat Morrerro and her sombrero. I personally like that pick. Morrerro was left of left on every single issue but was thought of as more harmless. Kyle is a little more reasonable (well, he could be reasoned with on some things) but is much more aggressive (some say abrasive) when he sets his mind to it. His personal style never mattered as much to me and we have gotten along on a surprising number of non ideological issues.

Ranking the house upsets of the night

No, the upset of the night wasn't Courtney Rogers over Deb Maggart. (Many saw that coming weeks ago).

The upset of the night was Dale Carr over Richard Montgomery by 77 votes. Richard was a powerful chairman who had the money and the Governor come in for him. It wasn't enough. Some say it was being the one Republican vote against my Classroom protection act in committee. Others say it was his vote against electing school superintendents (Another bill of mine). I am not going to say that.

A close second was Tilman Goins over Don Miller. Not a lot of people saw that coming. I had a friend who is a truck driver up in the area and had been telling me it was a race to watch. Tilman had the yard signs in yards. Not right of ways. It made the difference.

Third goes to Ron Travis over Jimmy Cobb. This one wasn’t on anyone’s radar until about the final week or so. Then it got serious quick. Most people thought Cobb had turned the corner at the end but it was not to be.

Fourth goes to Susan Lynn over Linda Elam. Both had conservative histories. The "Establishment" came out for Elam who was pushing how Susan didn’t live in the district but the rumor was it was Lynn who was working the district doors hard. The Lynn win was much bigger then anticipated.

Next, Courtney Rogers over Deb Maggart. I started getting panic calls about 2 weeks ago that this one was going to be close. People I know who went to knock doors for her were not getting a good reception. It played out.
This race will have reverberations for the next few years. Not only has the NRA flexed its muscles (some say more in a political power move then because of anything Deb did) scaring most other legislators into doing what ever the NRA asks but it has proven that big money and a key issue can win elections. Other lobby groups will now be expected to step up in similar ways if they want to win.

Next, Kent Kalfie over Julia Hurley. As I can state from personal experience, you can be a little "colorful" and still be a good legislator who stays in office. But until you are a little more established you need to give it at least a little rest around election time, You need to work hard at the doors, keep your head down and not give your enemies any free shots. You need to let the people remember how you vote and that you are a regular person. Not amp the color up.
Julia was a solid conservative vote but she was a rainbow in her first term. Most of it for non legislative issues. She had energy to burn that (when directed) was great, but it more often played out in ways that make campaign managers cringe and a lot of it came at election time. The media was none to understanding and some say she didn't work as hard at the doors as she had to win the seat.

Lastly, Dale Ford is now a ghost to the legislature losing by about 450 votes. Not a big shock really. You have to show up to work (and stay at work) if you want to keep your job. People understand a trip to the rest room. Leaving for the day as soon as your seat mate shows up is not appreciated.

By the hair of my chinny chin chin.

The close call of the election does not go to Tony Shipley who won by a whopping 11 votes. It goes to Vance Dennis who squeaked by with a 5 point victory.

House election results

The Tennessee state house election results can be found here.http://elections.tn.gov/results.php?TNHouse=%Tennessee House%#Report

Tennessee House District 01

Jon C. Lundberg Republican 2,336

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 02

Tony Shipley Republican 3,405

Ben Mallicote Republican 3,394

Bruce Dotson Democratic 531

Tennessee House District 03

Timothy Hill Republican 2,851

Kevin Parsons Republican 1,544

Karen Greene Morrell Republican 876

Thomas White Republican 85

Leah R. Kirk Democratic 666

Tennessee House District 04

Thomas Gray Republican 3,407

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 05

David B. Hawk Republican 3,093

Ted Hensley Republican 2,705

Bradley Mercer Republican 1,311

Duncan Cave Republican 665

Eddie Yokley Democratic 1,187

Tennessee House District 06

James (Micah) Van Huss Republican 3,154

Dale Ford Republican 2,703

Michael Clark Democratic 625

Tennessee House District 07

Matthew Hill Republican 2,829

Nancy Fischman Democratic 614

Tennessee House District 08

Art Swann Republican 4,371

Grady E. Caskey Republican 1,322

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 09

Mike Harrison Republican 4,533

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 10

Tilman Goins Republican 2,586

Don Miller Republican 2,358

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 11

Jeremy Faison Republican 3,626

Phil Morgan Jr. Republican 2,264

Marjorie Ramsey Democratic 436

Tennessee House District 12

Dale Carr Republican 3,535

Richard Montgomery Republican 3,457

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 13

Gary Loe Republican 1,756

Vanderbilt Brabson Republican 577

Gloria Johnson Democratic 778

Tennessee House District 14

Ryan Haynes Republican 3,233

Jerome Q. Miller Democratic 381

Tennessee House District 15

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Joe Armstrong Democratic 681

Tennessee House District 16

Bill Dunn Republican 2,601

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 17

Andrew E. Farmer Republican 2,979

Roger W. Griffith Republican 2,516

Larry Boggs Republican 229

Mike Dockery Democratic 364

Tennessee House District 18

Steve Hall Republican 2,748

Anthony D. Hancock Democratic 571

Tennessee House District 19

Harry Brooks Republican 2,387

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 20

Bob Ramsey Republican 3,747

Tona Monroe Republican 1,569

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 21

Jimmy Matlock Republican 6,207

Andrew F. Bennett III Democratic 1,177

Tennessee House District 22

Eric Watson Republican 5,675

David L. Kimbro Republican 856

Jonathan Gladden Democratic 1,530

Tennessee House District 23

John Forgety Republican 6,651

Peggy Hall Wall Democratic 1,102

Tennessee House District 24

Kevin D Brooks Republican 5,737

Jack L. Epperson Republican 1,424

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 25

Cameron Sexton Republican 6,148

Flo Matheson Democratic 1,374

Tennessee House District 26

Gerald McCormick Republican 7,721

Lawrence G. Miller Democratic 1,493

Tennessee House District 27

Richard Floyd Republican 7,897

Basil Marceaux Sr Republican 782

Frank Eaton Democratic 1,471

Tennessee House District 28

Johnny W. Horne Republican 1,237

Joanne Favors Democratic 3,957

Tommie F. Brown Democratic 1,514

Tennessee House District 29

Mike Carter Republican 5,576

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 30

Vince Dean Republican 5,798

Sandy Norris Smith Democratic 887

L. Brock Bennington Democratic 254

Brian D. White Democratic 250

Tennessee House District 31

Ron Travis Republican 4,357

Jim Cobb Republican 4,252

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 32

Kent Calfee Republican 4,609

Julia C. Hurley Republican 3,704

Jack W. McNew Democratic 1,808

Tennessee House District 33

John D Ragan Republican 5,686

Jim Hackworth Democratic 2,885

Tennessee House District 34

Rick Womick Republican 3,157

Luke E. Dickerson Democratic 699

Spencer Douglas Democratic 605

Tennessee House District 35

Dennis "Coach" Roach Republican 3,920

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 36

Dennis Powers Republican 5,727

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 37

Dawn White Republican 3,034

Richard P. Garvin Republican 1,112

Robert "Bob" New Democratic 1,228

Tennessee House District 38

Kelly T. Keisling Republican 4,575

David R. Harper Democratic 1,088

Tennessee House District 39

David Alexander Republican 4,434

Doug Clark Democratic 2,333

Tennessee House District 40

Terri Lynn Weaver Republican 5,492

Sarah Marie Smith Democratic 2,036

Wesley Duane Hodges Democratic 491

Tennessee House District 41

Bobby Stewart Republican 3,190

John Mark Windle Democratic 3,146

Tennessee House District 42

Ryan Williams Republican 4,770

Thomas D Willoughby Democratic 1,650

Tennessee House District 43

Robert F. Dunham Republican 1,817

Derrick Waggoner Republican 939

Charles Curtiss Democratic 3,249

Tennessee House District 44

William G. Lamberth Republican 4,314

Steven Glaser Democratic 712

Tennessee House District 45

Courtney Rogers Republican 4,643

Debra Young Maggart Republican 3,444

Jeanette Jackson Democratic 789

Tennessee House District 46

Mark A Pody Republican 4,228

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 47

Judd Matheny Republican 5,074

Scott Price Democratic 1,986

Tennessee House District 48

Joe Carr Republican 3,402

Ryan T. Harring Republican 1,055

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 49

Mike Sparks Republican 1,992

Mike Williams Democratic 844

Tennessee House District 50

Charles Williamson Republican 1,584

D J Farris Republican 1,481

Dave Hall Republican 621

Bo Mitchell Democratic 2,206

Tennessee House District 51

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Michael L. Turner Democratic 2,468

Tennessee House District 52

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Michael Stewart Democratic 1,582

Tennessee House District 53

Ben Claybaker Republican 1,140

Tonya Miller Republican 422

Jason Powell Democratic 1,377

Jason Potts Democratic 680

Tennessee House District 54

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Brenda Gilmore Democratic 5,058

Tennessee House District 55

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Gary Odom Democratic 2,155

Tennessee House District 56

Beth Harwell Republican 4,241

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 57

Susan Lynn Republican 4,719

Linda Elam Republican 2,259

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 58

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Harold M. Love Democratic 1,314

Mary Pruitt Democratic 1,273

Steven Turner Democratic 764

Tennessee House District 59

Robert Duvall Republican 735

Sherry Jones Democratic 1,270

Tennessee House District 60

Jim Gotto Republican 2,659

Darren Jernigan Democratic 1,632

Tennessee House District 61

Charles M. Sargent Jr. Republican 3,050

Rob Hathaway Republican 1,888

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 62

Pat Marsh Republican 3,008

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 63

Glen Casada Republican 3,161

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 64

Sheila Butt Republican 4,034

Brian K. Brewer Democratic 1,072

Tennessee House District 65

Jeremy Durham Republican 2,990

Kenny Young Republican 2,141

Dennis Kiser Republican 1,585

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 66

Joshua G. Evans Republican 4,286

Lee Harrell Republican 1,715

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 67

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Joe Pitts Democratic 781

Tennessee House District 68

Curtis Johnson Republican 2,253

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 69

Wayne White Republican 1,710

Jon-Roy Sloan Republican 1,018

David A. Shepard Democratic 1,826

Tennessee House District 70

Barry Doss Republican 4,293

Don Parr Republican 2,564

Adam Braeback Republican 228

Calvin Moore Democratic 2,238

Tennessee House District 71

Vance Dennis Republican 3,243

Shirley B. Curry Republican 3,238

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 72

Steve K. McDaniel Republican 3,604

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 73

Jimmy Eldridge Republican 5,559

Corey Currie Democratic 2,013

Tennessee House District 74

Lauri Day Republican 1,743

Nick Steward Republican 972

John C. Tidwell Democratic 2,884

Tennessee House District 75

Tim Wirgau Republican 2,889

Steve Wright Democratic 2,458

Tennessee House District 76

Andy Holt Republican 2,235

Mark L. Maddox Democratic 1,432

Tennessee House District 77

Bill Sanderson Republican 3,808

Mark Oakes Democratic 1,217

Tennessee House District 78

Mary Littleton Republican 1,273

Gary Allen Binkley Republican 1,189

Donnie Kemp Republican 1,154

John-Paul Wood, Jr. Republican 866

John L. Haines Republican 712

Kirk Low Republican 510

Lynn Ray Republican 233

Linda Hayes Democratic 1,444

Jane R Crisp Democratic 842

Tennessee House District 79

Curtis Halford Republican 3,280

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 80

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Johnny Shaw Democratic 4,416

Tennessee House District 81

Debra Moody Republican 2,576

Rory Bricco Republican 1,484

Terry G Mullins Republican 1,427

Randy McKee Republican 308

Conneye Thompson Albright Democratic 1,130

Tennessee House District 82

Johnny Edwards Republican 3,027

Craig Fitzhugh Democratic 2,563

Tennessee House District 83

Mark White Republican 8,203

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 84

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Joe Towns, Jr. Democratic 4,079

Hendrell Remus Democratic 919

Tennessee House District 85

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Johnnie R. Turner Democratic 5,437

Eddie Jones Democratic 1,482

Tennessee House District 86

George T. Edwards Republican 1,489

Barbara Cooper Democratic 4,439

Tennessee House District 87

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Karen Camper Democratic 4,912

Tennessee House District 88

Harry Barber Republican 1,882

Larry J. Miller Democratic 3,819

Tennessee House District 89

Roger Kane Republican 1,638

Tim Hutchinson Republican 1,091

Joey McCulley Republican 614

William G. "Bo" Pierce Republican 536

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 90

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

John J. Deberry, Jr. Democratic 4,081

Jeanne D. Richardson Democratic 2,123

Ian L. Randolph Democratic 629

Tennessee House District 91

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Lois M. Deberry Democratic 5,922

Tennessee House District 92

Billy Spivey Republican 2,589

Ann Bankston Republican 948

Larry C Taft Republican 829

Travis Monroe Republican 170

Vicki C. Cain Democratic 1,446

Mary Rene Baxter Democratic 853

Anita Tipton Democratic 707

Tennessee House District 93

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Goffrey A. Hardaway Democratic 2,922

Mike Kernell Democratic 1,875

Tennessee House District 94

Barrett Rich Republican 4,853

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 95

Curry Todd Republican 12,751

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 96

Steve McManus Republican 4,536

Jim Harrell Republican 1,172

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 97

Jim Coley Republican 5,846

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee House District 98

No Candidate Filed Republican 0

Antonio Parkinson Democratic 3,687

Tennessee House District 99

Ron Lollar Republican 9,063

Thomas D. Stephens Republican 1,552

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Senate election results

Tennessee state senate election results can be found here

Tennessee Senate District 02

Doug Overbey Republican 11,328

Scott Hughes Republican 7,258

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee Senate District 04

Ron Ramsey Republican 12,182

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee Senate District 06

Becky Duncan Massey Republican 7,255

Evelyn Gill Democratic 1,479

Tennessee Senate District 08

Frank Niceley Republican 7,020

Cynthia Bundren Jackson Republican 5,430

Jeffrey D. Brantley Republican 1,816

Hobart L. Rice Republican 1,483

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee Senate District 10

Todd Gardenhire Republican 7,995

Greg Vital Republican 7,980

Andrae' McGary Democratic 4,302

David Testerman Democratic 1,705

Quenston Coleman Democratic 946

Tennessee Senate District 12

Ken Yager Republican 18,030

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee Senate District 14

Jim Tracy Republican 11,169

Matt Randolph Republican 1,707

No Candidate Filed Democratic 0

Tennessee Senate District 16

Janice Bowling Republican 8,159

Ron Stoltzfus Republican 2,278

Eric Chance Republican 2,277

Rod McClellan Republican 866

Jim Lewis Democratic 2,935

Steve Roller Democratic 2,901

Justin C. Walling Democratic 2,877

Kevin Lawrence Democratic 1,256

Jeff Bottoms Democratic 670

Tennessee Senate District 18

Ferrell Haile Republican 8,623

Jeff Coker Republican 7,525

J.H. Tony Allers Republican 1,368

Brock Ewell Republican 367

Maria A. Brewer Democratic 2,862

Tennessee Senate District 20

Steven Dickerson Republican 5,375

David Hall Republican 3,321

Rob Mortensen Republican 2,378

Phillip L. North Democratic 5,133

James A. Baxter Democratic 1,780

Tennessee Senate District 22

Mark E. Green Republican 4,848

Tim Barnes Democratic 3,868

Tennessee Senate District 24

John Stevens Republican 5,418

Danny C. Jowers Republican 3,475

Brad Thompson Democratic 4,035

Tennessee Senate District 26

Dolores Gresham Republican 12,178

Meryl Rice Democratic 5,067

Tennessee Senate District 28

Joey Hensley Republican 12,586

Dean Dickey Republican 3,845

Tyler "Ty" Cobb Democratic 5,097

Tennessee Senate District 30

Colonel G. Billingsley Republican 2,973

Jim Kyle Democratic 7,361

Beverly Marrero Democratic 5,931

Tennessee Senate District 32

Mark Norris Republican 26,578

Woody Degan Republican 3,317

No Candidate Filed 0

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Today is the day

Its election day so please go vote for the (preferably Republican) candidate of your choice. I will be helping Terry Frank over in Anderson county in her run for mayor almost all day and heading to the crown Plaza tonight for the Knoxville event that starts about 8.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Big meals, big days. Big fights.

Today the big meal will be at Chick-fil-a. Tomorrow it is off to work the polls on election day for some of my friendly fellow Republican candidates.

I am hearing there may be a few upsets in the making. I was in Nashville yesterday and word is as many as 6 house Republican incumbents are in the fight of there lives.

2 in upper East TN, two in lower east Tennessee and two in middle Tennessee.

Joke of the week

A fourth-grade teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers came up - fireman, mechanic, businessman, salesman... and so forth. However, little Justin was being uncharacteristically quiet, so when the teacher prodded him about his father, he replied, "My father's an Exotic Dancer in a gay cabaret and takes off all his clothes to music in front of other men and they put money in his underwear. Sometimes, if the offer is really good, he will go home with some guy and stay with him all night for money."

The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other children to work on some exercises and took little Justin aside. "Is that really true about your father?"
"No," the boy said, "He works for the Democrat National Committee and is helping to get Obama elected, but it's too embarrassing to say that in front of the other kids."