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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Your tax dollars at work

Phil Williams drops the bomb in part one of a two part series on THDANewsChannel5.com
Nashville News, Weather

Some times you wonder how we ever got along

Stick a fork in um'

I have been saying for a while I think Obama is toast. Not just in Tennessee but across the nation. Well the people over at Redstate have put down into graphs and charts all the reasons I have been saying its over.  If your a wonk its probably a heavenly read. If not, it will probably bore you to tears.

Todays stop.

Todays listening tour stop is outside Farragut Town Hall

11408 Municipal Center Drive

11:00 AM / until the last constituent is served.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mr Dependable.

Listening tour stop

My next listening tour stop is today at the UT Knoxville University Center

1502 West Cumberland Avenue, Room 227 (or 100 feet from the door  of the voting location)

Arrival: 11:00 AM / until the last constituent is served

Thought of the day

Its funny watching the media in a tizzy about a storm it has no control over or its potential loss of life but it is all but silent over 4 deaths overseas and the person who had control over them.

Memories of the last overblown catastrofic natural disaster.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Broken plans

I really wanted to go to the corn maze yesterday but I was afraid I might run into stalkers there....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who said that?

I was watching "Inside Tennessee" this morning on channel 10 and noticed a commercial  supporting a local tax increase up for  a referendum vote.

I wont get into the fuzzy statements made in the commercial supporting the tax increase because it was not what I noticed most in the commercial. In fact it was not so much what was in the commercial  as much as what was not in the commercial. A disclosure as to who was paying for the spot.

 If it is some shadowy outside group that is one thing. They have the right to say they support the tax increase if they want but they should at least disclose who they are in the commercial. If on the other hand it was government funded (as has happened in the past)  that is illegal.

He may be right

Tom Humphreys does a good overview of our states campaign disclosure laws. They are  a mess. You might think contribution limits help the little guy but with the system we now have it is just the opposite.

From the Humphreys article....

As things stand now, the contribution limits can be easily and effectively ignored if you've got the money and a willingness to set up a PAC or two or three. Or, under a fairly recent change in the law, you're a corporation that wants to give corporate money to candidates. It's like the provision of current law that now says lobbyists can't give to candidates -- probably unconstitutional if anyone challenged it. But, of course, there's no need because lobbyists can give if they set up a PAC.

The bottom line is that the rich and politically astute folks have no effective limit on how much they can give to politicians, unless they're make an innocent mistake by getting in a rush or something.

Throw in the US supreme court decision saying money is speech and the Tennessee AG opinion saying the state cant limit how much a person can donate to their own campaign and you have the current setup where, if you have money, it can be wide open.

I took a stab at trying to reign in campaign spending for governor and the legislature last year but it didn't really get traction. Humphreys may be right. it may be time to scrap it all and go with a full disclosure no limits system.

Haslam and Obamacare in Tennessee

I was at an event for Gary Loe with Governor Bill Haslam a few days ago. The governor and  I  got a chance to chat for a few minutes on Obamacare.

I mentioned how I am still getting e mails on if Tennessee was going to move forward with implementation of Obamacare. While I said I didn't think there was any chance of getting the votes to pass it,  I asked if the governor had sent out any position statements on the issue.

He said he had not, and the reason was because the Obama administration has shut down any responses to any and all questions on Obamacare or its possible implementation or regulations and he wanted to hold off until he got something in response. He sounded  frustrated and  that he wasn't expecting anything until after the election. He said the Obama administration has for months refused to answer not only questions from him about Tennessee but they had also refused to respond to any questions at all put forward by anyone from the governors conference.

It seems the administration doesn't want to tell anyone what burdens they plan to implement on the states with Obamacare if Obama is re elected as it may hurt their odds of re election.

The governor said the elections could be the ultimate cure for the problem and was holding his breath until then.

Quote of the day

"Tennessee's tax structure is in another stratosphere from us and most other states around us"

Comment from North Carolina governors debate.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Live forever! vote Democrat in NC

I have found the fountain of youth. Yes, all it takes is a to move to North Carolina and for you to vote Democrat. You see it seems North Carolina has well over 1,420 Democrat voters who are over 110 years old!!! Of course most of them (87%) live in 4 counties but they are still quite Mobile. Yes they are so mobile they were able to get up and go to the polls to vote.

But these young whipper snappers have nothing on two democrat codgers who are battling it out for top billing as the oldest voter in the state. One is 154 years old. The other is still holding on at 160.

Yes, they are an inspiration!!

I bet they use their library photo ID cards as proof of identification when they go to vote.....Ooops! The North Carolina governor vetoed photo ID to vote legislation. Wouldn't want to suppress this key voting block.

My gut can claim part of that.

Chic-fil-a posts record breaking profit after support of traditional family.

The Catholic vote

My good friend David Oatney has a post and link on his facebook about the Catholic vote, where it has been, where it may be going and why. Its a good read.

From the article...

Archbishop Chaput called on Catholics in the United States to put their Catholic identity ahead of their political party, and even their American citizenship, to stand united with the Church’s moral teaching opposing abortion.

“We’re Catholics before we’re Democrats. We’re Catholics before we’re Republicans. We’re even Catholics before we’re Americans because we know that God has a demand on us prior to any government demand on us,” he said. “And this has been the story of the martyrs through the centuries.”

“[Abortion] is a very serious issue that requires absolute adherence on the part of Catholics,” the Archbishop said, “and if we don’t stand united on this issue we’re bound to failure—not only in the area of protecting unborn human life but in maintaining our religious freedom.”

Quitting because its already lost.

Chip Forester is quitting as the leader of the Tennessee Democrat party but he may still have a future as an election  prognosticator. You see, Chip is already admitting Tennessee Democrats are going to lose a ton of seats in this election. In fact, he has already conceded 11 of them in the house and 4 in the senate before election day!!!

Chip, care to give out your list of losers?

From the Tennessean article...

Forrester spent most of the hour-long interview, which he requested, talking about the “New Path Forward” plan and Democrats’ hopes for turning Tennessee blue again over the course of multiple election cycles. He said the party needs to identify and mobilize new voters, focus resources on winnable races, and develop a stronger “bench” of candidates. Democrats hold just 24 of 99 state House seats and nine of 33 Senate seats.

“Over time, we’ll move the ball downfield. We’re on the 24-yard line,” Forrester said of the House numbers. “We’ve got to get to the 50.”

Romney pushing 70% among indys

A new Tennessee poll has Mitt Romney WAAAAAAY out front over B.O.  getting close to 59% of all voters and then going farther and blowing that number away among independent voters (68%). How that number worked out I may never understand as I would suspect Republican leaning would be higher then Independents and I doubt Democrats outnumber Republicans in this state but who knows.

Romney's strongest support group was among White male evangelicals at 79 percent pro-Romney, and white female evangelicals for Romney were still rather high at  63 percent.

President Obama’s base of support lies with black Tennesseans, with 91 percent of them favoring him but accounting for only 12 percent of likely voters.

Shocked! Shocked I say!!

Well what do you know? Former governor Phil Bredesen And former  former tax chief Reagan Farr and former economic development chief Matt Kisber are now applying for tax breaks and  programs they set up while in power in the legislature. Papers incorporating Silicon Ranch were filed in Delaware in August, with Bredesen listed as its chairman, Kisber as its president and CEO and Farr as its vice chairman.

From the Chas Sisk/Tennessean article...

Under the law, the projects qualify for three tax breaks:
• The company could get a full refund of any sales taxes it pays or owes on machinery or equipment.

• It would receive an exemption from the state’s franchise tax on equipment.

• The company’s local property taxes would be calculated based on the salvage value of the solar equipment, essentially nothing.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Listening tour photos

Dan "The man" Andrews stopped by early voting as I was on my listening tour. He reported on what he saw and clicked a few pix.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Next listening tour stop

October 26.


6631 Clinton Highway, outside Suite 112

Arrival: 11:00 AM / until the last constituent is served.

Talking judicial activism.

A judge dictates A library card is "Photo ID for voting" after legislature clearly said "No. We don't want that as part off the law".

Expect the appeal to be filed in the morning. How this isn't an example of the courts trying to create law instead of interpreting the law is beyond me.

Line of the day came from Sen. Randy McNally "I guess I can use my library card to buy beer."

Thought of the day

Polling should not be based on gender or race but instead ideology, goals and values.

When the chips are down, Chip is out.

Chip Forester is quitting his position as leader of the Tennessee Democrat party.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

At the polls.

I was at the down town west polling location again today, In the middle of the day (2:30 ish?) Even though the line was moving fast, the line out the door was 25 people long. I never saw it shorter then about 5 people out the door.

Usually there is a big push on the first day  and another at the end. Not so this election. Polling numbers have gone up every day so far.

And now for the poll of eskimos...

As the election draws closer and closer you keep hearing about the same certain voting blocks "Latino vote", the "Blacks vote", "Pro choice woman vote", "gay vote", "Millionaires", "Movie stars" etc.

The media seems obsessed.....but only with certain groups.

 I really don't like talking about people as blocks all that much. I find  it divisive in that we are all Americans first. But since it is all the rage I thought I would see if we can get a report on some other segments of society you seldom hear about.

How about the pro life/child woman's vote? Seeing as more woman consider themselves pro life then pro abortion you might think its a segment worthy of conversation. Where is their input on the election? Where do they stand? I mean  all we hear is "Vote like your lady parts depend on it!" Like all woman are pro abortion,  I always thought of this type advertising as very "Me, Me, Me" centered in that it refused woman the right to think beyond themselves, that they should be refused the right to  think about the parts of their unborn child or  dismissive as if  woman were not smart enough to vote with their brains or had no other value or issues beyond their sexuality.   Is that all that counts for 50% of the population? I doubt it.

How bout the pro life female minority vote? Seeing as they are even more pro life then their white counterparts how are they not being heard from? Where do they stand?

How about the unemployed vote and all their segments (Unemployed gays, unemployed woman, unemployed minorities)?  Since all their numbers seemed to have grown so much I just wonder what their thoughts are on the President? Have they remained static?

Gun owners vote? The christian vote?The military vote? farmer vote? middle income vote? lower income vote? Where do they stand on the issues?   Do their votes not count or is that only for reporting on election day? I mean the media has made the Lilly Leadbetter act a major issue and less then 20 people have been effected by that legislation in the last 4 years. If we are going to go down in the weeds cant we take a look at the trees as well?

Its gone...

As I reported a few days ago my friend Rep. Steve Hall brought his  "It's Not Working" sign with him to the polls where he had been greeting voters at down town west early voting location.. He had been keeping it close to his tent to keep an eye on it as people had been trying to steal it.

After running off 2 little old ladies who hated the sign a few days back he ran off a few more yesterday. As he recounted the story to a voter who had stopped by to chat he pointed to where the sign was to show them how close it was to the tent.

The only thing was the sign was gone. Someone finally got it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quote of the day (The best and brightest)

“Then, he caught me drinking one night and I said: ‘Aw, hellfire. Let’s just do it.’ ”

Park Overall on how she was recruited to run for office as a Democrat.

What? Whats that? What did you just say?????

In a Washington Post article naming Mark Clayton the worst candidate for national office, Democrat leaders said something shady.....

Tennessee Democrats, who’d watched their conservative voters drift to the GOP, finally lost the state House in 2010. That had been a financial lifeline for Democrats, since the legislature has broad powers over patronage.

“That pretty much was the end,” said Cheek, the executive committee member. “Because we have nothing left. In the other low points, we had the Election Commission, we had the Building Commission. . . . If you wanted to get state deposits into your bank, those were all ours. And that’s where you’d raise your money.”
Losing those powers “really kicked the props out from under the financing of the party,” Cheek said.

That comment to me looks like the Democrats are admitting they extorted businesses and made deals with state money based on who gave money to their state party. Not based on what was the best investment for the state. I am not a lawyer but if that's not criminal it should be.

For is not against

Guess what? The Republican party did an add supporting one of their candidates. Just to run an add saying you support your parties candidate and that he is a good guy and would make a great legislator is not an attack add against his opponent.

Saying the guy who has spent all of about 5K on his campaign talking about himself is somehow attacking the guy who has spent about 40K  talking about himself is like attacking David for picking a fight with Goliath.

Kurita to vote Green

No, Not for the green party candidate.

Former Democrat state senator Rosalind Kurita has endorsed Republican Mark Green for state senate over current Democrat senate office holder Tim Barnes. Ouch!!

Its the IDs.......Riiiight.

 The predictions of voter photo ID suppressing the vote have not come to pass. In fact, early voting numbers are way up in Tennessee.

In this Chas Sisk article though, those claiming the photo ID suppresses the vote say the high early voter turnout is because people want to be sure their photo IDs work, so they are coming out to vote early. They also point to areas that Obama previously won or did well in are not turning out to vote near as much as they did 4 years ago, again inferring its because of a lack of photo ID in those communities.

Yes, I am sure those are the factors. The IDs.  Riiiight.

Presidential debate III

Debate 4. Foreign policy,

Right off the bat let me say I think this debate will probably matter the least. Its a wonk debate. Foreign policy just doesn't move the needle that much. It all comes down to the economy and Joe Six pack isn't up on the minute details of world affairs. Heck, most people couldn't even find the places mentioned  if you gave them a map and 10 minutes.

But here we go.

Right out of the gate I think Romney scored well on Libya. He showed how the president was showing weakness to terrorists and he scored for calling the president out for going on the apology tour. The hit on Obama looking for separation and ignoring Israel looked bad for the president as well. Over all though, I think most of the middle east foreign policy was a push.  I don't think Romney really showed a huge policy difference or at least enough to notice.

 Some may say Obama won on the quick hits but I sort of thought Obama really look petty on some of the attacks, his "Horses and bayonets" and his "You invested in foreign oil companies" and "The 80s called they want their policies back" attacks just looked small to me. Not that they weren't good zingers but they were just not presidential. Not only that,  I am not sure Obama wants to downplay the 80s that much. As I recall the US did pretty well with foreign policy in the 80s. But either way you look at it it just looked petty.  I think Romneys counter of "Attacks on me aren't a plan to move our country forward" sort of shut him down. Obama tried to attack and interrupt a few other times but I think Romney handled it well.

The China question I think helped Romney. His talking about a possible trade war hit big and Obama didn't really counter with anything on China.

Romney did good at that a lot. He would hit multiple points, He would tell several facts  and plans to Obamas few points or facts. Nothing huge but it made Romney look knowledgeable on the issues and like he had a bigger plan compared to little or no plan for Obama. It was an area I thought Obama would do better on then he did. Obama never really mentioned South America, changes or much of a plan on anything except he kept trying to go back to hiring more teachers, building roads and bridges (the same infrastructure argument used by Democrats for the last 50 years). I don't think it sold.  I think Romney was better at bringing it back to how our foreign policy depends on our country being economically strong at home. A weakness for Obama with our economy in the tank.

Kudos to the moderator. Good questions. both sides seemed to be able to make their points and I saw no clear bias.  Way better then last time.
To wrap it up.  My first debate rundown I thought Romney won. Clearly. The second I thought was about a draw. This one I think  if you only count zingers I think Obama won. If you look at policy I think Romney won. Clearly. Not as big as the first debate but probably a win level between the first and second debate. And really Romney just looked much more knowledgeable and presidential. Romney spoke better (A shock compared to the formerly smooth but now halting Obama) and Romney didn't sound self possessed, I heard Obama said "I" and "ME"  so much that I noticed it. Romney is supposed to be the evil rich guy. He just didn't come across that way and I think it showed.

I thought Obama needed to really hit it strong on all sides (policy, points and presentation)  to change the momentum. He didn't. His "small ball" attack may have won him the battle but cost him the war. Romney pushed the economy, he pushed a plan, he smiled, stayed calm and presidential, he said he would be bipartisan, he stayed on message. Those were issues that did and will win for Mitt in the end.

The mo will stay with Mitt. Short of a new factor coming into play, I think its over. Romney wins. Big.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sites, sounds, stealing and polling.

I have been loosely working at the various polling locations around Knox county since the polls opened, some as part of my listening tour, some just hanging around at downtown west with my friend Rep. Steve Hall as he works the polls.

A few things are quite clear.

First, Polling is up. WAY up. There has been heavy traffic with lines out the door almost every day and the lines have been moving fast.

That tells me a few things, First, our poll workers are doing a great job getting people processed and to a machine quickly and secondly, people know who they are voting for when they walk in the door.

That would fall in line with some other "Truisms" on early voting I have heard and learned in the past, such as large early voting numbers are usually bellwethers that people are largely upset about an issue/candidate and are eager to be done with who ever or what ever they are coming to vote against.

They say they expect 70% of voters to vote early in Tennessee this election. Traditionally that has been around or mostly below 50%. Another bad indicator for the big issue at the top of the ticket. Obama.

The feedback has been quite strong and positive toward us outside the polls. People  have been giving a ton of thumbs up, waves, toots on the horn  as well as people just coming over, out of their way, just to talk politics. it hugely positive toward us and our side......And conversely just as negative against Obama. This is nothing like it was 4 years ago. Then, there was a lot more ambivalence. Not so this time. The feelings are quite strong and most people are not hiding it.

I have been getting similar feedback when phone banking and from fellow phone bank volunteers who are calling swing voters here and in swing states. People used to hang up. Now, they want to vent. They are mad!

Another thing I have been told is Republican leaning voter turnout in Knoxville is way up. One study of the Knox co. voters who have already voted shows  those who strongly lean Republican voting 74% versus 26% for those that lean democrat.

At the polls, Steve Hall has a love/hate thing going with an  "Its not working" yard signs he has.

Even though it is about 10 feet from his tent he has to keep a close eye on it. He has had 2 little old white ladies come over and try and steal it out of the ground with him sitting there watching them try to do it. He has had to yell over at them that that sign is his private property, that he bought it and they shouldn't  touch it. They have proceeded to give him down the road about how he shouldn't own such a sign before storming off in a huff.  On the flip side, he has had several people stop over and ask where they could get one.


Listening tour stop

My next listening our stop is today.

Outside the City County Building / Old court house

400 Main Street
Knoxville TN
From 11:00 AM / until the last constituent is served.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thought of the day.

Sure, they won the game, but their punishment is they have to go back and live in Alabama.

Today goals

1. Work out.

2. Grill out.

A bad economy will do that

The Tennessean reports that one industry is thriving under Obama. Gun dealers. Not a real shock. As economies go down, unemployment goes up. This is often a leading  indicator to increased crime or at least the fear of crime (Not to mention the fear of all out economic collapse).

Tomorrows possible headline "Sale of gold and food reserves up!".  These are not stats to brag about an economy on.

Friday, October 19, 2012

"It's over"

I have been saying this for a while but now its starting to come from Obama's own team.

Sorry, I had to take down the link. It would constantly play no matter if you clicked it or not. It was getting on my (and others) nerves.

I especially like how the other commentators try to talk him down off the cliff but he isn't dissuaded.

The false premise

I was checking out a web page that talked about the different types of rhetoric used in campaigns and noticed one missing. The false premise. As in "It’s a well known fact females make 20% less then men because of sexual discrimination and we will change that" It is a statement made on a false assumption and one I have seen Democrats try to use over and over here in Tennessee.

Romney didnt call them out in the debate (I suspect for lack of time and for fear he may look insensitive) but if you truly want to look at the numbers there are several factors used that that make up the decreased pay rate for females and it's not just discrimination. It is not an apples to apples comparison. If it were the only factor woman would have a good reason to sue Obama as the female Obama staffers make 18% less then their male counterparts in similar positions under Obama.

Most studies show other, more likely, causes of the pay disparity. In short the 19% number does not take into account several factors. The statistic does not take into account differences in experience, skill, occupation, education or hours worked, as long as it qualifies as full-time work for the calculation. While some % of discrimination may be a factor, most of that number is weeded out in more complete studies. Most studies suggest up to or around a possible 5% of pay discrepancy is based on possible discrimination. Of course that is not a solid number, it is just unaccounted for in the other factors I mentioned.
In fact, only 35 people have ever even sued under the Lilly Ledbetter act since 2009 when Obama pushed it out. Does that make it a national issue that needs more action?

Farragut listening tour stop.

My next stop on my listening tour will be today at

Farragut Town Hall

11408 Municipal Center Drive

Arrival: 11:00 AM / until the last constituent is served

Feel free to stop by if you would like to chat on any issue or if I may be able to help you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quote of the week

"When gas prices are down its because the economy is doing badly."

B. Obama

So conversely, when gas prices are through the roof (like now) our economy is doing great???

Listening tour stop

I will be at Down town west polling location today starting at 11:00 as part of my listening tour. If you have any issues you would like to talk about with me feel free to stop by and chat as you vote early.

Debate wrap II

I think Obama came out to play much more so in this debate then he did in his first debate flop. I will give Obama the win on education. It was one area that Obama has some success, but it wasn't a huge difference. Obama possibly won also on the bailout. I think Romney won on jobs and the economy. He hit it tons. When the African American gentleman said he voted for Obama last time but this time he wasn't so sure, that was a hard hit for Obama among his base. I think Romney did well following up hitting him over and over on the stats and really drove it home.

The only issue Romney probably did better on was when he talked about energy and gas prices. I think that really hurt Obama and the question itself was crushing. Obama didn't really have anything effective to say on the issue.

Obama did well pushing class warfare again, but he missed some big shots. I thought he would say the 47% thing more then he did but he didn't. If I were him I would have. Obama also didn't seem to talk about bipartisanship at all. Romney crushed in that area last time. I thought Obama would, to try to win some swing votes but he didn't even bother to offer anything. Possibly Obama won on the women's issue (the pay discrepancy question was a false stat in the reason for the pay discrepancy is not discrimination) but I though Romney spun out well saying it all comes back to jobs and getting people back to work. I will say Obama probably riled up his base with the abortion and birth control question but it probably riled up the other side just as much.

I think Romney won on illegal immigration. Not that he did great but it was an area Obama should have crushed him. He didn't. It was a push. I think Romney missed a possible shot at Obama when he was talking about self deportation. Obama bragged more illegals have left the US in the last 4 years. I thought Romney could have agreed in that and said the reason was because our economy has been so bad.

The "I hate Bush" question looked like a cheap shot type question but I will say it was balanced out by the African American who hit Obama. Romney spun well and Obama didn't really hit him on it.

The tax policy question I think Romney did OK talking about how he wanted to cut some taxes but I think Obama did well spinning and counter hitting him on not being specific on how he will balance tax cuts with spending cuts. I keep waiting for Romney to hit him on not being willing to work on passing a budget.

Foreign policy, if you go just by what was said I think Obama won by taking responsibility but I think the Obama administration will pay the price for the denial on the reason in the long run and that will play out over the next few days. I think everyone knows Obama blamed the video.

Obama looked weak on gun control. Romney looked OK. I think the moderator crossed the line when she took a shot about Romney and his "Gun ban" but Romney spun out well. She did the same on the Rose garden question. I don't think its up to the moderator to say who was telling the truth or not. That is up to the people debating and the press after the debate.

Over all presentation I think Obama spoke somewhat haltingly. Romney spoke well but looked a little too aggressive. Not Biden crazy but a little bit heavy. Although jobs is a big issue I think Romney went to the well too much he even gave up a chance to say how he has been misportrayed to go after the Obama jobs record. I think Obama closed out the debate well in his closing statement and related better but never really laid out a plan for the future.

Who won over all? If I were scoring it I would say it was 3 to 2 Romney. A slight win. Not huge. Slight. I could even see how some hard core Dems might have said Obama won. But with the momentum going in Romney's direction I don't think Obama did enough to stop the momentum. At best he slowed it but he didn't reverse it. As the days narrow thats a big problem for Obama.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Jobs lost is a victory".

Tennessee Democrat leader Mike Turner seems to be under the same delusion that Barack Obama is.  That jobs lost is somehow an overall gain.

 While most pundits will admit the Tennessee House Republicans are poised to pick up at least 4-7 seats in the state house, Rep. Mike Turner seems to think any seat won is a net gain. 

“Any gains we have we will be a victory for us,” Rep. Mike Turner, D-Old Hickory, told TNReport. “I think we can pick off three to six people within reason, and maybe if things go our way nationally a little better we might even get a little higher than that.”...

...Our people will have 32, 33 people back… hopefully a little higher,”

Lets do the math. You have 35 now. If you pick up 3-6 you get 38 to 41. If you come back wit "32, 33 or a little higher" that is a net loss from your original 35. Is mike Turner Working for the Obama administration on unemployment numbers?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The races

And again, The Tennessee Journal has rated the races to watch. In the house 2 of the big ones are around here.

In the house these are the toss ups...

5 David Hawk (R)

Eddie Yokley (D)

13 Gary Loe (R)

Gloria Johnson (D)

Nick H. Cazana (I) 

 33 John Ragan (R)

Jim Hackworth (D)

60 Jim Gotto (R)

Darren Jernigan (D)

76 Andy Holt (R)

Mark Maddox (D) 

 In the senate these are the toss ups...

20 Steve Dickerson (R)

Phillip North (D)

22 Mark Green (R)

Tim Barnes (D)

24 John Stevens (R)

Brad Thompson (D)

Show me the money (Senate)

The Tennessee Journal has charted the money in in the senate. Here it is

3rd Quarter State Senate Finance Statements

Dist. Candidate    Receipts    Spending    Balance     Loans*

10 T. Gardenhire (R) $78,520 $79,171 $51,478 $127,340

A. McGary (D) 27,720 8,743 19,912 0

16 J. Bowling (R) 80,400 13,718 76,529 0

Jim Lewis (D) 16,487 12,655 5,055 0

20 S. Dickerson (R) 237,700 54,941 246,662 100,000

Phillip North (D) 108,802 28,027 263,366 100,000

22 Mark Green (R) 172,785 85,485 313,380 32,361

Tim Barnes (D) 97,265 58,821 140,371 0

24 John Stevens (R) 147,231 62,931 100,723 0

B. Thompson (D) 77,219 111,371 75,266 0

28 Joey Hensley (R) 86,754 87,793 109,066 100,000

Ty Cobb (D) 52,488 35,734 63,373 0

Show me the money (House)

The Tennessee Journal has charted the money in campaigns for Tennessee.

3rd Quarter State House Finance Statements

*Total outstanding on Sept. 30, regardless of quarter in which loan was made.

Dist.  Candidate     Receipts   Spending   Balance   Loans*

5 David Hawk (R) $34,700 $19,923 $30,094 $0

Eddie Yokley (D) 20,298 10,385 20,205 0

13 Gary Loe (R) 45,190 29,050 22,330 1,400

G. Johnson (D) 35,454 14,595 45,261 6,000

32 Kent Calfee (R) 17,650 17,364 11,398 25,000

Jack McNew (D) 1,600 813 2,463 0

33 John Ragan (R) 54,984 29,824 58,333 5,043

J. Hackworth (D) 28,109 13,538 75,195 0

37 Dawn White (R) 18,325 14,127 15,467 0

Bob New (D) 1,057 769 1,400 1,000

38 Kelly Keisling (R) 35,229 24,063 33,375 42,736

David Harper (D) 1,350 1,920 934 0

39 D. Alexander (R) 11,700 21,534 22,628 0

Doug Clark (D) 15,199 10,295 7,320 0

41 Bobby Stewart (R) 16,436 12,160 10,517 0

J. M. Windle (D) 28,505 29,000 25 0

43 R. F. Dunham (R) 8,397 2,251 8,846 2,078

Charles Curtiss (D) 33,475 12,932 125,583 0

50 C. Williamson (R) 23,575 15,910 16,541 94,400

Bo Mitchell (D) 39,165 32,641 44,288 0

53 Ben Claybaker (R) 29,755 21,072 20,695 0

Jason Powell (D) 51,408 19,963 40,569 0

59 Robert Duvall (R) 21,899 8,750 26,309 0

Sherry Jones (D) 16,665 6,897 99,324 0

60 Jim Gotto (R) 37,522 7,352 86,589 0

D. Jernigan (D) 37,690 21,968 76,405 0

64 Sheila Butt (R) 18,015 20,330 26,156 0

Brian Brewer (D) 6,429 7,617 866 1,231

70 Barry Doss (R) 26,386 25,220 3,044 5,000

Calvin Moore (D) 11,725 8,023 70,906 0

75 Tim Wirgau (R) 42,125 28,942 55,768 635

Steve Wright (D) 27,787 13,877 16,054 0

76 Andy Holt (R) 11,400 18,663 38,433 0

Mark Maddox (D) 48,699 13,840 76,550 0

77 Bill Sanderson (R) 9,575 1,399 84,767 4,100

Mark Oakes (D) 8,025 4,193 12,611 3,402

78 Mary Littleton (R) 23,387 5,761 19,423 0

Linda Hayes (D) 12,815 9,009 8,180 0

82 J. Edwards (R) 950 287 401 2,313

Craig Fitzhugh (D) 42,375 23,532 127,823 51,200

92 Billy Spivey (R) 38,950 33,224 13,059 0

Vicki Cain (D) 14,480 5,721 9,563 4,000

About right.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

VP debate rundown

Here is my post VP debate rundown.

On the big issues I would call it a push. I think Ryan won on the budget. Not that I agree with Biden on the issues, but I think Biden won on health care and got back on the Democrat message. Class warfare and division.

Foreign policy was a push. It sort of depends on what your thoughts are on foreign intervention. I think Ryan won on saying his "Litmus test" was the safety of the American people. I don’t think Biden even responded to that question.

Style wise I thought Biden looked pompous and rude, but I am not sure how the mass population will handle it. As a strategy, I could see why Biden was attacking (as I think Biden and Obama are behind and they didn't want Ryan to get into a flow) but I think Biden went over board. Waaay over board. The constant interrupting and smirking went too far. To his credit, I think Biden came across better when he was talking to the people directly.

Ryan had the lines. The line of the night had to be Ryan and his "Biden should know sometimes the words don’t come out the way you want." At times Ryan looked a little scripted and almost emotionless. It was an area I thought he might soften in this debate but he didn’t. Over all, I don’t think it mattered and may have even helped highlight Bidens rudeness. The style battle will end up not being Ryan vs. Biden, it will be "What did you think of how Biden acted?" He made Al Gore and his deep sighs look tame by comparison. If Biden had just hit his talking points and shut up he probably would have won the night hands down. Instead he looked kooky and rude, especially in comparison to the staid Ryan.

As for the moderator, in the last presidential debate I thought was OK as it was wide open. The questions were vague but it was handled in a somewhat fair fashion.

This time I thought it was 2 on 1. While the questions were tougher and more direct, it was the responses that I thought were not handled in a fair manor. I cant wait to see the talk time. To me it seemed it was much larger for Biden. Also, the moderator kept pushing Ryan on specifics but gave Biden a pass on his budget (Or lack their of). She also let Biden go crazy with interruptions and seemed to stop Ryan when ever he tried to counter or respond. Tough questions went to Ryan first and Biden got to respond later (A big upper hand in a debate). They also spent what I thought was a disproportionate amount of time on foreign policy (Bidens wheel house).

Over all, I liked Ryan better but if I had to score it I would score it a push. I think both sides can claim some victory.

Chicken then goose on Turkey

Tonight is a double dip of good events.

First is the Tennessee Right to life banquet with special guest Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey. It is kicking off at  6PM at the Knoxville convention center. You can find more information here. I think they are serving chicken.

That should let out just in time to slide on over to the Knoxville GOP Victory center on Kingston pike next to Naples and watch the carving of that other stuffed goose. No. Not big bird (There is no way that bird is steroid or hormone free). I am talking about Joe Biden.  That kicks off at 8. It should be a fun night all around.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The liberal media is starting to cry about Republicans taking hold in Tennessee

From the Nashville Scene....

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey is feeling especially cocky these days, predicting Republicans will stamp out all but seven Senate Democrats in November's elections. Imagine Ramsey, Stacey Campfield, Mae Beavers, Brian Kelsey and all their ilk with even more power to impose their will on Tennessee.

"We have a legitimate shot of picking up six more state Senate seats across the state," Ramsey told a roomful of fat cats yesterday in Chattanooga. "It could be 26-7 when we go back. And if you had told me that a few years ago, I would have thought you must be smoking dope or something."

What I think on that, is summed up in this one little clip....

Monday, October 08, 2012

Lamar! on forign intervention

I went to the west Knox Republican Club meeting tonight with guest speaker Lamar! Alexander. It was a lot of the cut and dry campaign speech stuff but we did a little Q&A at the end.

 I couldn't resist.

My question for Lamar! was "Has supporting democracy and countries shifting to democracies in the middle east been a good thing for the US?"

Long and short he said "No"

Checking the checkers

While I have never done a press release, over the last 2 years I have gotten to where I am more and more media shy. I have been burned so many times I just have very little faith (especially in the local print media) any more and don't want to do anything but live, unedited interviews.

It is so bad that with the local paper I will only talk to one reporter. Not that ALL the rest have all burned me, but enough have that I just don't bother with any of them no matter how inane the comment they want. Its just not worth the headache.

Even the media's "Politifact" Fact check stories. Most of the time I have found it to be more political then fact. Most of the time it is half a phrase taken out of context and twisted to be pushed out in a way to present conservatives (mostly) in the worst possible light and liberals in the best light.

Sort of like if the quote was how a liberal said "Stacey Campfield said congress shouldn't be allowed to make any laws"

The people at "Politifact Fact check" would score that as completely true. How? Well, I have said in the past "I support the bill of rights." In the bill of rights it says "congress shall make no law" in part of the first amendment.

 "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

And then by their twisted logic, by golly, they are right. I have said I don't think congress should make laws.  It must be true, TRUE, TRUE!!

It has gotten to the point I just right them all off and don't even read them. I mean, why bother. The person being quoted is not given an opportunity to present their side in an equal sized piece (From personal experience I have learned at best I will get 1 sentence to defend myself against the rest of the article). The paper doesn't even allow comments so a person could post the actual facts in the comment section.

Now I have stumbled across a blog that checks the fact checkers. I think it is just one person presenting the other side but at least it is a start. I even went back a while and found they fact checked one "Fact check" on me. As I  was reading it I was saying "Yes. Yes!, Yes!!!!, Exactly!!)

Lets just say, I will be back and now it appears they are going full time on checking the checkers here.  It restores my faith in the printed word.

UPDATE: A better link and page can be found here.

Quote of the day

"That frozen pizza looks nothing like the picture on the box."

IT was the air....No wait, it was

We have heard every excuse under the sun as for why Obama flopped at the debate, "It was the air, the altitude, jet lag, the moderator, he was sick, he was thinking of his wife. it was George Bush's fault" .

At what point do people take responsibility for their own actions?

 I wonder what will happen after the election if Democrats lose. Will they carp on endlessly "It was voter ID, It rained in swing states, the media wanted Romney to win, big money fundraising cost us, Someone stole my yard sign" At what point do they take some responsibility?

$10,000 for college degree

Thats right. Texas is offering college degrees for less then 10,000 bucks. It can be done.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Thought of the day

Its funny watching the local media complain about higher education getting a black eye as they hit higher ed in the eye over and over on a negative story.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Oh yea?

Forget Big Bird. If Obama gets re elected we could all end up living like Oscar the grouch!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Lets see.

Lets see, unemployment dropped .3% in 3 and 1/2 years. At this rate we will be back at pre Obama numbers in about 35 years. 

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Debate rundown

I can usually call a debate pretty fairly but  I (unlike the big media) will admit up front I am biased. I think the Obama policies are killing our country. Still,  here is my take best I can present.

 I liked the free flow format with limited direct questions. It was more of, open up a topic and let it rip. I am not sure that was the moderators intent or that he even had a clue (The questions were fuzzy at best)  but the back and forth between the two gave more then enough points on the key issues.

Romney won. Clearly. He was on the attack and spoke well on every issue. No gaffs, no stammering as he has in other debates. He had a clearly better presentation on almost every single issue.

Romney's highlight was on taxes and the budget. That entire segment he crushed. The Romney 5 point plan I think played well. Obama got hit over and over and had very little to nothing in return. I think Romney saying no cuts for the well off threw Obama off his game. Obama's class warfare argument crumbled after that and you could see it all over his face. He didn't seem to have anything from then on. Obama even called the mercy rule and tried to get the moderator to change topics. That looked bad!

 Romney's low point on issues was probably health care. Not that he did bad but there wasn't enough of a difference to really slam home a point.

Obama often tried to swing the debate to education (sometimes out of nowhere) and I will give Obama credit, it is an area he should try to stay in, but again, there wasn't a big difference so Obama didn't win anything big there either.

 Romney won the zinger battle. There were many but his "You just pick the losers" was my personal favorite.

Obama possibly won the likability battle. The Obama anniversary comment sounded canned to me, but I may be too biased. I will give him that and I thought Romney looked bad interrupting so much, but having been in debates I could see how at times he had to do that to make his point clear. 

Overall, I thought Obama looked flat, unprepared and didn't really have an answer to a lot of the points Romney made. I think the best he did was to say the Romney plan wasn't detailed enough but that's was not a plan for the future of his own. Obama was slow and stammering. A lot. I have always given Obama credit as a great speaker. Tonight he wasn't and it was all over his face.

If I were scoring it, I would say out of 4 rounds Romney won 3 rounds 10 to 9 and one round 10 to 8. 

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

At election time they all claim to be conservative.

 For years I have said what is lacking in Tennessee politics was a conservative group who would actually rate legislators on how conservative the actually voted.

 I have yet to see a campaign were  the opponent who needed to go didn't make the claim to be conservative.  I always knew different, but people seldom trust people who are working on campaigns to sing the praises of their opponent. Someone independent needed to do it.

Tennessee right to life has done a good job on life issues. The NRA has kept track on gun issues  (although some people see their scoring system as slanted). Now, Focus on the Family has put out a rating of running legislators on how they voted for pro family legislative issues (Some real low scores are in there by the way).

Now, the only thing we are missing is a rating of legislators on how they vote on tax and spending issues. I had always hoped a fiscally conservative group would step up and start scoring these issues but as yet, it has not happened.

"Baby daddy" ruling.

The State Supreme court has just ruled unanimously a person mislead into believing they are the father of a child may sue the mother for back payments made if it is later found they are not the biological father of that child.

I tried to pass a piece of watered down legislation a few years ago when the Democrats were in power that would have allowed the non biological father to stop making future payments on their non child. It went down in spectacular flames.

I was just talking last night to someone on how I had planned on re running a simmilar bill this year but I guess it is no longer needed.

Monday, October 01, 2012

What papers are you reading?

Democrat leader Mike Turner is upset the media doesn't attack me (specifically) and Republicans enough for passing tax cuts.

"Turner said, mentioning tax breaks for the wealthy, among other media omissions. “Some of the press would rather beat us up than attack Stacey Campfield and that bunch. So that’s discouraging.”"

As for the media not reporting on how Republicans cut taxes I wont argue with Mike. I wish they did it more. As for the media not attacking me, I hate to let Mike down but there have been 4 articles this week that did not cast me in a kind light and one article reporting on my response from the AG. Don't worry Mike, your friends in the media are doing their job.

I know Mike seems to think the economy is not the issue for voters and media should be focusing on how Obama is half white. but I still think its the economy.

UPDATE: Mike Turner just texted me and he denies he ever mentioned me or even the senate.