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Monday, January 07, 2013

88% of Tennesseans want my gun bill.

In a recent poll by the Tennessean, 88% of respondents were in favor of legislation that would give schools the options of either a safety officer or allowing teachers with aditional training to arm themselves.

88% in favor of the two options my bill gives.  Got to love that!


  1. Stacey,

    Interesting… In other conversations with me, you have very clearly stated that “popular doesn’t make right”.

    And now you’re here touting the polls that say the majority of people support your ideas about guns.

    So which is it? Are the polls that only support only YOUR ideas worth your while?

    And I do remember reading somewhere recently that you don’t get any funding from the NRA. And while that is factually true, isn’t it also true that the NRA puts out a listing of politicians throughout the country that give you a grade (A through F) based on your stance on guns?

    I believe you were given a solid “A”; though there are those who received a coveted “A+”.

    Maybe you don’t get actual cash, but I’m sure that kind of support from the NRA is priceless when you run your campaign.

    How does it feel to know that you appear to most of us to base your campaign for office on pandering to people through a narrow lens of guns and gays?

    Bottom line: I guess some popularity polls matter to you after all…


  2. Tom,

    Popular does not make right. I still believe that. I carried similar legislation for years when it was not as popular. I still supported it as I thought it was the right thing to do. I am just stating facts. As for the NRA I have been supported by them not with money but because of the issues I have always supported. The constitution, the bill of rights. If you and your group wants to give me an f because I support traditional family that is your right as well. It will not change my point of view. I will go by the facts..


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