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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BBBBBBBut Solar is cool!!!

Yes, for a few years solar was all the rage at the capitol. Some legislators (and a governor) couldn't spend taxpayer dollars fast enough on projects that private money knew would be a flop.
Now, guess what?
It flopped. 
How much green cash  is  "green energy"  taking away from the Tennessee taxpayers? The Nashville business Journal hits some of the numbers....
 Nashville Business Journal analysis in 2011, drawing on public records from state agencies, found that more than $676 million in state, local and federal dollarshad been invested or committed to Tennessee's solar industry.
According to our research, Tennessee committed $245 million to Hemlock, including things like job training and energy savings. The state committed $83 million toWacker Chemie AG, a Germany-based company that has delayed the opening of its $1.5 billion plant in East Tennessee until 2015.

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