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Monday, January 28, 2013

FOX NATIONAL and MSNBC interviews.

I did an interview for FOX national today. They called me up at about noon and asked if I wanted to to do a phone debate at 12:30. Hey it's FOX National. Guess what I am going to say?

 You bet!

I think it went really well. By the time it was over I think the person that was supposed to be the con side of the argument was agreeing that my bill was a good idea. I have been searching for a video of the debate but haven't been able to find it.

Tomorrow its MSNBC. I am doing a pre record at 12:30  for a show I think that will run at about 3:30 or 4:00.


  1. Senator she wasn't agreeing with you, she said that you need to engage social workers etc to handle this from a "person in environment" view. She also said that most parents do not have the ability to help their children because they are struggling educationally as well. (Some do not have GED's etc)What we need to do is figure out how to help families not punish them.

  2. "...most parents do not have the ability to help their children because they are struggling educationally as well."

    Most parents? As in over 50% of them? So "free" public school isn't working for even half of the population?

  3. I'll put it simply, the only thing this has a good chance of increasing is child abuse. The good families are under pressure that their child won't screw up and the abusive ones that view the child as a cash cow now have more reason to bleed it dry. Tennessee has an incredibly high child abuse rate for our population, giving people a reason isn't the way to go about welfare reform. Try living on $185 a month, do tell how comfortable you feel. It changes attitudes when you sit at the edge of homelessness and are malnourished for months on end. Churches pick and choose who they provide to, some get rejected because the parent smokes or does something like that. The people are still humans.

  4. Not when the curriculum has changed since we were younger. Have you ever proctored a TCAP exam? I wouldn't expect five year olds to be able to do what was being asked of them.

  5. Not when the curriculum is not the same as it was when the parents were in school. Have you ever proctored a TCAP test? It is amazing what they expect out of 5 year olds. The information and the pace that we learn it are changing.


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