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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

H&R block only advertises for 2% of business

I was watching some TV last night and an H&R Block commercial came on.

 It was touting how they had gone through the entire "Obamacare" bill (all 930 pages) and were ready to help people navigate their way through all the new taxes.

Doesn't she just look thrilled to help you with all your new taxes and penalties....


I thought only the top 2%. We're going to pay new taxes. Why would H&R Block only want 2% of the populations business?  I mean isn't the 2% so rich they already have private accountants? I would doubt they need to go to a H&R Block to get their taxes done. So you mean to tell me the 98% are going to have to pay new taxes with Obama??

Shocked, shocked I say.


  1. So you mean to tell me the 98% are going to have to pay new taxes with Obama?? Click here

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