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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"It sounds different when Jeb says it."

For years legislators have been pushing vouchers or "opportunity scholarships" for Tennessee school children. I myself had tried to move the bill few years ago under the old administration. For the last few years Brian Kelsey has been trying to get it through.

Last year the governor stopped it and said he wanted to study it. He had the study committee but they didn't really come up with any great shakes. Several speeches at the Republican national convention talked about vouchers and school choice. Still nothing.  It looked like the governor was going to sit back and  defer to the will of the legislature.

Then Jeb Bush showed up for a day and said it was a good idea.  Now the governor is for it and will make the bill part of his legislative package.

You know there are people with good ideas North of Florida. Some of the ideas don't even come from governors. In fact I will go so far as to say there are some good ideas being presented here in the Tennessee legislature that might be worthy of some positive attention.


  1. Not taking funding from public education.

  2. Why are the Bushes being consulted on anything? Haven't we endured enough of their tyranny?

  3. Gee Tona,

    I see the mandate for contraception and sterilization, etc. as being a TRUE sign of tyranny. Exactly how do YOU define "tyranny?"


    I also see many good ideas being presented here. As a loyal taxpayer, I fully support vouchers. They help retain parental choice and infuse a bit of MUCH NEEDED competition into the present system of education.



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