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Friday, January 04, 2013

New Year goals

I have been on a sort of remodeling kick as part of my new years resolution. I fixed all the doors that were just a little off in my house. I probably killed my poor garbage man after I threw out a ton of stuff  I have had just laying around. (anyone want an old TV of fax machine?) I have a pile of old clothes set to go to goodwill in the morning. I went shopping for a new table but couldn't find one that fit my space so  I decided to build a legless one and do a sort of wood inlay pattern. I still have to get the glass for the top but its almost there. One of the neat things about the table will be when ever I want I can just lift up the glass and put down some new pictures or art work.


 My list of  projects yet to go, finish Vespa in the background, put in new closet doors in my bedroom, build a better entertainment system for my room, then paint all the rooms in my house, put in new carpet in all the bedrooms then clean every thing. Is that too much of a goal to have done by Tuesday when I go to session and kick into my new workout regiment??

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