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Monday, January 28, 2013

Puppies and ice cream

Tonight was the state of the state address by the governor. Hmmmmmmm. What can I say? It was long. I guess we have Lots to brag about as we are rocking in Tennessee.

Haslam is not the fluffy speaker like our past governor. We didn't get a "Gilligan's Island"  speech talking about the ship of Tennessee like Bredesen used to do but that's probably a good thing. If Haslam started talking about some of the voyages Bredesen sent us off on we would be lucky if we ended up on anything looking close to an island with Ginger and Mary Ann. It would look more like the mad house on "Shutter Island" if not "Titanic"

Just today as I strolled through the halls we had members talking about the hundreds of millions of dollars lost on the states solar boondoggle and  some other legislators  were saying a review of the incentives for the film commission went WAAAAAAAY beyond sloppy in giving out grants and bordered on criminal. I asked how and was told they were giving out grants like crazy. Even to the point of ignoring the absolute minimum standards set in place in law. They just wanted to give out money to pet projects so they did.

Any way, the governors speech gave something to everyone and not just little something's . A lot of big somethings. It was ice cream, and puppies for everyone.  The tax cuts are nice but not that big a part of the picture. About what was expected. Nothing too big to see there. It was the other side of the equation that raised some eyebrows.

The spending side was....shall we say,  "Healthy".  


  1. The Governor's talking about reducing Hall Taxes for seniors was like puppies and ice cream for them!

  2. In the last paragraph, you should take the apostrophe from "something's" and put it in "governors".


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