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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quote of the day.

"So, a right to abortion is "essential to a woman's equality, autonomy and dignity."?
It is moral insanity to claim that the dignity of one group of people is contingent on their possessing the right to kill another group of people."


  1. So very true!

    Everyone is hoping that you will be able to attend the annual event tomorrow, in support of life, since you are one of our top leaders!

  2. As we dismiss, with utter moral ambiguity, the existence of two parents in every human conception, if we are required to by law to cede the final decision of legally permissible life termination to conceiving women, without so much as an attempt at notification for that child's father, absolutely no one can claim that current legal abortion practice, is operating at an "equal protection under the law standard", for males, when it completely excludes them, through a privacy right protection doctrine.

  3. Nope, we just all need to be a bunch of brooding bitches ready for the taking by any man who deems in need! Maybe, if we are lucky we can get into her other medical records too, make sure she gets all her shots etc like a good little girl to protect a zygote! Take biology PLEASE and invite some of your republican coworkers.


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