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Friday, January 25, 2013

Quote of the day.

“Lamar Alexander is also a history maker for being the only white ‘Lamar’ anywhere, ever.” — Ebony magazine.


  1. Do you ever get discouraged when nobody reads or comments on your posts?

    1. Anonymous, you must be new to following Senator Campfield's blog. Some days he gets dozens of comments here.

      There are thousands of people who vote for and support Senator Campfield, many of whom follow him here on his blog, but who have so much respect for him, as a seasoned member of the Tennessee State Senate, that they read simply to learn from him.

      There are many people who read his blog on a regular basis. We know when Senator Campfield is talking in a serious manner and when he is just adding a little very welcome humor, as he did today, to brighten an otherwise cold, boring day, when most everyone had to sit at home, because of the ice storm.

      If you don't like Senator Campfield's blog, maybe you could find a blog to follow which more closely matches your political ideology. Those of us who follow Senator Campfield, do so with great confidence in him and with great interest in what he has to say.

  2. This is a post about Lamar Alexander. The liberals love him and those who aren't liberals aren't commenting because they'd lose their religion if they did.

  3. While watching the inauguration on television was pretty painful for me, it seemed so very special that Senator Alexander, whom locals would call a good ole boy from just over here in Maryville, had an important speaking part in this huge event. I was so very proud of him. I was working at the University when he was president of U.T. and he is such a fine person!

  4. Good morning,
    I am unclear about the humor in this quote. Can you explain why this is funny or what the intention is behind it?

    Thank you

    1. Senator Campfield is not racist, if that's what you're going after. If you want to go after someone, you could go after Ebony magazine!

      Senator Campfield is much like his father, in this regard. His father was an activist in the Civil Rights Movement, years ago, who courageously joined Blacks in the peaceful sit-ins at lunch counters in efforts to bring about rights for Blacks.

      You're probably too young to remember that time, but I remember it well. Previously, Blacks couldn't even go to the movies at the Tennessee Theatre and could not even eat at lunch counters in stores downtown. It took great courage for both Blacks and whites, who stood with them, and would go into those places, sit down, and order a sandwich, when Blacks had not had these rights in the past. Senator Campfield is not racist!

  5. Explain it, intention?: Why don't you ask Ebony magazine?


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