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Monday, January 14, 2013

Robotics and education.

I watched an interesting segment on 60 minutes last night talking about robotics. While a lot of it looked like excuses for the jobless economy it did make some interesting points. There are large industries that are being taken over by robotics.

The auto industry is a great example.  Jobs that used to be done by humans are starting to shift to robotics that can do the same jobs at a faster and cheaper rates then the Chinese labor market. In fact, so much so, that some industries that had gone overseas for cheap labor are now moving back home because a robot can do the same thing as cheap as Chinese labor and the business can save on tariffs and shipping by moving the business back home.

It re emphasized something I have been seeing and thinking for some time.

Technology all around us is exploding at an incredible rate. I toured a local college that trained people in these fields and they agreed  that we are in the process of a huge technical shift.  Their numbers show it. Their classes are filled. Some had a year waiting period just to get into the schools. Not only that but they had something I had been talking about for years. A requirement that 60% of their graduates get a job in their field of study upon graduation or they lose state funding.

Guess what? They are at over 70% job placement in the field of study for their graduates.

Can you imagine if we put that same standard on the fields for regular college education? How quickly the  majors would shift.

Stay tuned....

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