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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Yesterday I went to the city county building to do a little paperwork.  As most people know my real profession is real estate. Several times I end up going back to my roots and doing some form of repair or carpentry.

Anyway, when I went through the metal detectors I emptied my pockets and one of the things I had in my pocket by chance was a small 10 foot plastic tape measure. The guard said she had to confiscated it until I left the building.

While I don't expect any special treatment because of my title I thought it was ridiculous. I said "Seriously?? What am I going to do? Measure someone to death with it?"

The guard told me I could sharpen the little nub at the end of the tape and cut someone with it. The nub is about half the size of my pinkey finger nail. I thought about saying how I was more likely to give someone a nasty paper cut by extending it out and letting it snap back, but I held my tounge.

Luckily, I didnt have a 15 footer. I would probably be on some terrorist watch list  by now.

I rolled my eyes and signed the envelope so I could get the tape measure back as I left. I might need it. It's a tape measure crazed world and when all the legal tape measures are finally confiscated only criminals will have tape measures. Till then I will just live my life on the edge with my secret weapon, the dreaded, deadly 10 foot plastic tape measure!


  1. You must check your standards at the door prior to entering a government building - didn't you know that?

    Scott B.

  2. Why do you have to be disarmed to enter a government building? It's an infringement. About the only places I can see being disarmed is in courtrooms and in jails/prisons.


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