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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The employees agree, they don't have to work for the boss.

I have been getting a lot of calls and e mails about legislation other states are proposing saying they will not support any federal gun ban or that we should have nullification powers of
Laws the state does not agree with or there should be no federal taxation or regulation on products made and used in Tennessee.

The idea is not new. In fact I think I have had it and run it for two or three years at least. Yes, I still support it but we have a bigger issue. The attorney general. You see he has already opined that all products are federal products and therefor subject to federal regulation. Not only that, he has opined he would not prosecute any federal agent doing regulation on someone who felt they were exempt from regulation. And that those people who thought they were exempt would still be prosecuted.

You may argue "get rid of the attorney general!" Well, at the federal level he goes with the president. That election didn't work out so well this last time.

At the state level, we tried (or at least some of us did) to change that as well, you see we do not appoint him. The state Supreme Court does. That is constitutional. To change it so the legislature or the governor appoints him or he is elected, we need 2/3 of the legislature to go along with a change of the constitution.

 They didn't.

Some argue we should defund the attorney Generals office and give the powers to a solicitor general of our choosing. We can't do that either. How do we know?

 The attorney general told us we couldn't.

So, we are stuck with the current group that appointed him. The Supreme Court. How are they "elected by the people"  as the constitution requires?  By a selection of a board made up mostly of trial lawyers.

How is that an constitutional election?

Just ask the attorney general or the Supreme Court. They will tell you it is.


  1. People to have the ability to vote not to retain, but they rarely do. The people of Tennessee need to look in the mirror if they don't like their Judges. Sure the legislature started this unconstitutional mess, but there is an opportunity to throw the appointed ones out.

  2. The Atty. General is NOT law!

    The states have a right, and a DUTY to uphold the constitution, ESPECIALLY in the light of a regime that is trying to undermine it!

    Every state should pass these bills and send a very loud and clear message to Washington! That's the BIGGEST mission this will accomplish. I hope you're not saying that you're willing to just lie down and do nothing in light of these concerns that you have stated!


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