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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thought of the day.

I feel so sorry for the president. Just Look at the economy he inherited!!!


  1. Better than the one he inherited from Bush...

  2. What color is the sky in your world, TC ?

  3. In February 2009, when Obama took office, the unemployment rate was 8.3%.

    Earlier this month the rate released by Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the jobless rate was 7.8%

    Keep in mind that under the Bush Administration, the jobless rate in January 2008 (the beginning of his last year in office) was about 4.8%. By June 2008, it was about 5.6%.

    So in his last year of his presidency, the Bush administration the jobless rate sky-rocketed from 4.5 to over 7%.

    In October 2009 the jobless rate had risen to 10%--the highest it had been in 26 years. Thankfully, it has steadily fallen since that time.

    For Obama's administration to have been able to bring that jobless rate back down to a point under when he took office is nothing short of amazing.

    Say what you will, Obama's administration has done a very good job at helping to stabilize the economy. I believe he will continue to get our house back in order.


  4. RE: In February 2009, when Obama took office

    Wrong - Obama first took office in January 2009. Presidential inaugurations are in January, not February.

    And keep blaming Bush; it is all you have to cling to. But honestly, we're all bored with it.

    But do tell us, what EXACTLY does "get our house back in order" mean, I guess you are speaking economically (Employment, GDP, Inflation)? What is "in order" to liberals anyway...?

  5. I used the figures from February 2009 because I assumed that no president can have an impact on the very first month he is in office. I could have just as easily have used the figures from January, but I believed they would have been more indicative of Bush's last days in office in Dec. 2008.

    And I don't know how you can not look at the tremendous impact Bush's presidency had on the country.

    When you drop a rock in a pool of water, it doesn't just go straight through the surface, leaving no trace. There is a reverberating effect; sending wave after wave that spreads outward across the surface.

    Did you honestly think that with the economy and job-loss in such a mess in 2008 that it would be fixed overnight?

    It took the nation almost a decade to recover from the The Great Depression of 1929.

    I think you know what I mean when I say "getting our house back in order". In addition to the jobless rate (discussed earlier), I believe you look at the stock markets:
    Dow Jones 1/2/08 closed at 13,338
    Dow Jones 12/31/08 closed at 8,776
    Dow Jones 1/2/09 closed at 9,034
    Dow Jones 1/2/13 closed at 13,413

    "(Obama)is one of only five presidents to see the Dow Jones Industrial Average gain 50 percent or more through his first three years in office, according to a report from Bespoke Investment Group."

    The other 4 were Bill Clinton, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    When you add these facts to the steady decrease in joblessness, you can clearly see that Obama's presidency has had a significant and positive impact on the nation's economy.

    Now, what do you consider to be "getting our house back in order"? How do you support your belief that Obama's presidency has been a financial failure?

    Tom Cogburn

  6. "Thankfully, it has steadily fallen since that time."

    Yes, and the BLS has steadily redefined what "unemployed" means all along, despite 99 weeks of unemployment pay already helping pump the number. You can't even compare this year to last year - the metric is different. Here's one that hasn't changed:21% of the state now using food stamps. A 45% increase since Obama's been in office, compared to a 65% increase nationwide. So 94% of the nation allegedly has a job, but two thirds of them cannot afford food? "Yes we can!"

    We've also seen a 25% increase in the funding per person on this food benefit for some strange reason after Obama took office - despite Ben Bernanke and the feudal reserve telling us inflation is only 2.1% and he can change interest rates in 15 minutes to keep it there. Of course, the BLS doesn't count food, energy or housing (who need those?) in calculating inflation so they can tell us that nothing costs more than it did last year. Figures don't lie, but liars can figure.

  7. RE: Obama's presidency has been a financial failure

    Slowest recovery EVER. And like the previous comment pointed out, workforce contracted - folks gave up, dropped out. Good job, you Dems - put MORE people out of work, on the dole. That is YOUR real measure of "success".

    Neighborhood of $6 trillion in debt by Obama - SO FAR! More in 4 years, than W Bush in 8! We have to pay that back you know? It comes out of the economy, one way or another. And no magic coins, you tricky people!

    Blame wars, but Obama could have started pull outs day 1 - he is SOOO amazing, right?

    But you can't be objective, you have to cherry pick stats. That's fine, we'll play along: In 4 years we'll look at the numbers again, according to YOU the unemployment rate and the DOW. Those are YOUR 2 measures.

    But I bet if the numbers don't come out JUST your way, you'll pull out your "go to" card: blame Republicans! Then, racism? Those are the only 2 cards you have, why not just fess up to it?

  8. Well, can you point to any laws or policies that Republicans in the house or senate have proposed or passed over the 4 years to increase job growth?

    They voted against the "Bring Jobs Home Act", which would have provided a 20% tax break for the costs of moving jobs back to the United States and would have rescinded business expense deductions available to companies that are associated with the cost of moving operations overseas.

    They blocked legislation that would have established a $1 billion jobs program putting veterans back to work tending to the country's federal lands and bolstering local police and fire departments.

    They unsuccessfully opposed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which pumped billions of dollars into state and local Governments to prevent us from sinking into a second Great Depression.

    And who can forget all of the "good republican business people" who have made billions of dollars over the years, but now threaten to lay off or reduce the hours of employees if they have to become involved in Obamacare.

    I can't think of a more unpatriotic stance.

    These multi-millionaires and billionaires complain that they are going to have to pay for insuring their employees.

    But aren't they the ones who are going to benefit from having happier, healthier, more loyal employees?

    One of the reasons lower-income employees hop from job to job is because there is no benefit to staying in one place.

    If an employee knows that by staying in one place, he/she has health care coverage, then there is an incentive to remain loyal and hard-working.

    So, what, in your opinion, have republicans done over the past 4 years to improve the joblessness issue?

    (not one mention of race...)

    Tom Cogburn

  9. Can you say keystone pipeline? Removing restrictions on refineries, open up drilling on govt lands, those are jobs. Good jobs with insurance.

  10. "Well, can you point to any laws or policies that Republicans in the house or senate have proposed or passed over the 4 years to increase job growth?"

    Way to move those goalposts Tom. Now for the list of legislation that Dems passed because they had the majority and didn't need the Republicans:

    "They voted against the "Bring Jobs Home Act",

    That one died in the Senate with a Democrat majority." The Democrats killed it.

    Putting veterans back to work? Why, the Nobel Peace Prize winner has created new undeclared wars in Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, Mali and working every day on Iran. All this while maintaining George Bush's undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Plus, he's kept Guantanamo torture chambers open and gave them some job security with guaranteed U.S. citizens for customers without trial thanks to his NDAA - oh and those 30,000 drones to kill us from above - and all that ammunition, at least 5 rounds per American. And hey, the Republicans all voted for that except Jimmy Duncan and Phil Roe. They must not be patriotic.

    "They unsuccessfully opposed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act"

    Which passed with Democrat majorities in both House and Senate. So now it's Republican's fault it passed? Or is it their fault it hasn't worked?

    Remind us again how good those "green jobs" have worked out. Only $6.7 MILLION spent per "new job"....what a bargain! Or General Motors who has moved the "new jobs" to China and won't even buy their own stock back from "us" at $0.50 on the dollar. I'll give at least half credit on GM to Bob Corker. So he must be patriotic.

    Obamacare passed House and Senate with Democrat majorities. So now it's Republican's fault it passed? Or is it their fault it appears to be D.O.A.?

    With this BS Big Two party system, it is majority rules. It simply doesn't matter what the minority does, they are powerless. There are too many corrupt that put party before principle, and their principles aren't too good to boot.

  11. “Just an average guy… With a real cool job”
    At least Mr. Campfield is trying to attain average. Good luck with that. Just remember, a D- is not an F.

  12. And great news, Obama's destruction of the U.S. economy is right on track: Negative GDP for the 4th quarter 2012!


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