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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Was that legal?

Yesterday Ron Ramsey was re elected Lt. Governor by a vote of 29 to 4. The 4 other votes were for Democrat leader Jimmy Kyle.

 Not that it really matters but Kyle was never officially nominated for the position.  Not that the Democrats were not given a chance but No one wanted to put forward his name. Then when the roll call vote was taken 4 members said his name.

I know parliamentary procedure pretty well but I am not sure if those 4 Kyle votes were valid votes or not.  If a person has to be nominated then those votes  should not be counted. If they do not have to be nominated then why have the nomination process to start with?

UPDATE: I checked with the Lt governor because he had the same question. He checked with our parliamentarian and he said the nomination was not a requirement. Previous to the vote Kyle had asked to do the vote by acclimation. The suspected reason for that was he knew he did not have the support of his own democrat members in the vote and did not want it highlighted by an actual public vote.


  1. Yeah, and if some lame candidate can't get a single person in the state to get 100 of their friends to sign a petition so they can actually appear as a committed delegate on the ballot for the republican presidential primary, then that candidate shouldn't get any delegates since there weren't any to vote for....oh...uhhh....never mind.

  2. On the update, if Kyle didn't want a public vote, why do anything? Didn't the four votes by acclamation (that Kyle asked for) do just that - make his amount of support public?

    Who were the four votes?

  3. Sounds like a kind of vocal "write in"


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