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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Bigger then Justin Bieber.

To their credit TMZ ran the entire video on their live show. The video part where they get into my bill starts at 22:20

It's funny looking at the comment count on what is really a movie and music star show. The section on my bill is generating almost twice the comments of Justin Bieber and his drug pictures. Who said politics is boring?


  1. Its Bigger Than - not bigger Then. C'mon, Senator!


  2. Senator Campfield,

    I've been reading your blog neurotically for a few days now, and I find myself more horrified with each step I take down this sad and twisted rabbit hole.

    Let's start with homosexuality. For the sake of the argument, we'll say that homosexuality is in fact a choice... So what? If I am an adult CHOOSING to be in a homosexual relationship, and my partner is also an adult who is also CHOOSING to be in a homosexual relationship, who are we hurting? No one is forcing you to marry a man, so what does it matter to you if I want to marry a woman? How is that hurting you or any of your freedoms?

    You however are CHOOSING to discriminate against a group of people because, let's face it, the idea of two men kissing grosses you out. It's pretty obvious how your choice takes away my freedoms.

    For the record, I'm not gay. I'm not even "pro gay". I'm pro equality, pro love, pro happiness, pro compassion... You do not seem to be pro any of those things.

    As far as the bill that requires teachers to alert parents of "gay behavior", well, let's just say it's tough for me to remain rational when faced with such an irrational idea. Even if a child is choosing to be gay, he is a human being, with free will, and he has every right to make that choice. Coming to terms with the fact that you are gay, or deciding whether or not you want to be gay(if that's how you want to look at it), is a very difficult and stressful thing. You aren't sure, you're embarrassed, you're afraid of what everyone will think. It's made worse by people around you saying that it's disgusting, vile, evil, etc. The worst possible thing you can do is out a child his parents. He's not even sure as of yet, he's confused and scared, and you're forcing him to take a step he's not yet ready to take. And God only knows how damaging that can be. His parents could be physically abusive, emotionally abusive, they may even disown him. How can you think it is right to inflict such damage on another human being, let alone a CHILD?

    My final thought has to do with the attitude you seem to posses about your job.

    On your post titled "Sometimes I hate being so right", you write in the comments "Tom where the shoe on the other foot you would do the exact same thing you would be voting your opinion. If the people of your district came to you and by 80 or 90% said homosexual marriage should not be allowed in Tennessee would you vote that way? No you would vote on your opinion that homosexuality should be glorified by the state."

    Your job is not to vote for what you want, your job is to be the voice of the people who elected you. If they are in favor of homosexual marriage, then, at least when you are working, so are you. That is your duty as an elected official.

    Beyond that, nobody is asking anybody to "glorify homosexuality", they are asking us to be civil to a group of people. They are asking us to give them the same rights everybody else has. Last I checked, equal rights for all was something we as American's had a duty to provide for our people. Nobody is asking you to give up anything.

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