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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Changing the fight.

Lately I have been on the main stream media a ton. I have been on every type media forum there is, National and local TV, national and local radio, call in shows,  newspapers and the Internet. I have hit them all. Honestly I am probably as sick of seeing my name and face on TV and radio as you are. Still, Seldom do I turn down an interview.

 Why do I do it? Do I just want the attention? Do I just want to see my name in print? Am I running on the "all media is good media" theory?

No. Not at all. I don't think I have ever put out a press release or asked a media source to please do a story on me or any of  my legislation. If given the choice  of lots of media or none at all, I would take the none at all. Really,  I would prefer no stories on me or my legislation. Seriously. None. Zero. Zip. 

All the media frenzy may sound like its lots fun but its not. Walking in to most interviews I know the media is looking at the conservative point of view  in the same way a lion looks at a T bone.  Many of the media (but not all) are quite left leaning and many of them will edit out what we say contradicting their points to fit their agenda as best they can. Some papers and reporters I have given up on all together. I have learned the best we get is one line to contradict the rest of a negative article and the question a conservatives get will have a slant that is almost impossible  to explain in a few words ("When did you stop beating your wife?" type stuff).

Live media is the best for us and we should be vocal on it where ever we can. I know at least in that forum, what we say will not be edited. If you hear a live radio or TV show attacking conservative legislation, one thing is for sure we need to be in there or on it fighting back. 

On line media is also a key battle front.  

Many of the old "silent majority" still think that staying silent will continue to win the day. With the new interaction type media/news and the growth of the low information voter, silence is no longer an acceptable road to victory. We will lose all of the fights we surrender to the screaming irrational left. 

Those argument losses lead to election losses. Election losses lead to liberal policy.

The Romney election was a perfect example. He was focused like a laser on the disastrous economy. He gave up the fight and ran from every social issue like his hair was on fire. In the end, those losses translated into a shift in opinion and a loss for him and our country.
Yes, Correcting all the misrepresentations takes a ton of energy. I am sure we all would prefer to be putting our  energy  into conservative legislation but our options are limited. Without a win all the wonderful legislation in the world isn't going to move.

Clearly in this last election (like with McCain previously) Romney took the high road. He put our countries terrible economy in  total focus and drilled away. He went on all the big shows and talked about the budget and the economy. In the mean time, Obama was doing interviews with such luminaries as "The pimp with a limp" and a man dressed up as a pirate. The left invested heavy in on line media and carpet bombing comments on the online Media comments section. Romney let it slide for the most part and was probably beat out by those on his own right that divided  his base. Stories were over hyped on what someone' opinion on some minor issue may be. Instead of just not commenting or fighting on the issue as the left does when one of their own steps in it. Romney and company were reeled into telling what they thought of the latest gaff and apologizing.

If our only choices are to do an interview and try to correct some of the misrepresentations put out
there, counter attack and show why our ideas are better or sit back, apologize, and let people believe what we
Know is not true.

We need to attack.

Like others have said in the past, In politics, perception is reality.  While many minds are closed no matter what we say, our goal needs to be at least correct a few of the "facts" put out by those with an agenda. When they stop telling lies about us and our bills we will stop correcting them and pointing out their flawed ideology when given the opportunity.

 Until then, we must be vocal and fight on all fronts until we win, or continue to suffer in silence as we loose.


  1. 1.) Just about every time you go on television or are featured in the media, you give people a "heads up" on your blog. It's almost as if you can't wait for people to see you.

    2.) You joke about Obama doing an interview with DJ Laz (a.k.a. Pimp with a Limp). But you fail to mention that he has been a DJ for over two decades and has a huge listener-ship targeting ages 18-49 for Dade, Broward, Palm Beach & Monroe Counties in Florida--a total of just over 5.5 million potential voters.
    I'm guessing that you would give an interview if you believed your message might be heard by that large of a population.
    Besides, didn't you accept an interview with TMZ; a show that is known for reporting such events as retired golfer Tom Watson urinating in some bushes?

    3.) I think you and the other Republicans who are attempting to find external blame for the presidential loss in 2012 fail to realize that Romney simply came across as uncaring to the vast majority of Americans.
    That wasn't Obama's fault.
    You guys had every opportunity to run a campaign just as Obama.
    Besides, it wasn't Obama who forced Romney to put his foot in his mouth by saying "47% of the people believe they are victims... that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing... My job is not to worry about those people..."

    4.) If you honestly believe that you can win based on your platform, then present it without apology. I think you've seen how popular that's been based not only on the media's response, but also from the very vocal and negative response of your constituents.

    Tom Cogburn

  2. Tom, I agree we didn't do a good job selling our message as Obama did. Didn't you read my suggestions and commentary on why we lost?

  3. I read it in detail. I just believe that the message you are selling isn't one that the public is buying.

    I don't believe you can polish a dirt-clod and make people believe it's a diamond.



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