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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I blame you Obama!!!

I was just in contacted Rep. Judd Methaney and asked him if he was going to be hosting my favorite event of the year again this year. It is a tour  of Arnold Air Force base. It invites all the reps and senators to come out, tour the Air Force base, tour the  university of Tennessee and their rocket science training campus.....and shoot about 30 different types of automatic weapons.

It's a  lot of fun. Historic guns from WWI and WWII all the way up to today and the coolest new guns rolled out on  the air bases special target range. Ronnie Barrett has kindly underwritten the cost and is usually on hand to shows us his new toys and some of his products as well.

Unfortunately......the event is off this year. The reason? Its not a lack of guns. The guns are ready. It's a lack of bullets. As you can imagine, 50 or so legislators shooting 30 or so  machine guns go through a ton of bullets ,  a ton of bullets that are no longer available. What bullets there are available, are waaaaaay too expensive.  All the bullets are being bought up everywhere because Obama is pushing gun control.

I guess it part of his "jobs" package.


  1. Poor representatives and senators... not able to shoot guns.

  2. If your ammunition claim is true, it's obvious that the invisible hand saw demand increase and increased price accordingly.

    Do you oppose capitalism?


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