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Friday, February 15, 2013

Millions for mental health

When the Lakeshore mental health facility was closed many people complained that it was another cut to mental health. An area often cut by recent governors to spend money on other projects. While we can argue numbers as to how much was lost or gained by the facility, one thing is for sure the land the actual mental health facility sat on is worth millions.

 My proposal to sell off  the state portion of Lakeshore park (not the city owned portion) and invest the millions raised into mental health in East Tennessee  is starting to get some traction.  Roughly 50% of our homeless are mentally ill. The same with our jail and prison population. Having funding to get these people treatment instead of jailing them would help in a host of ways.

Nothing would happen to the ball fields or the portion owned by the city and if their was support for the issue then the walking trail could also be exempted from any sale. The sale would also put the land back on the tax books bringing in millions of dollars in tax revenue for the city of Knoxville and Knox county for generations.

On the other hand,  knocking down the buildings at city expense to expand the park would cost millions and add little to the workings of the existing park facility.

Long and short of it is expanding the park would be of limited value (except possibly to someones vanity who would want to name the park after themselves.)  and would cost the city millions in short and long term expenses. A  sale on the other hand would do the opposite.

It seems cut and dry to me.


  1. As much as I'd like to believe you, Stacey, I have difficulty believing that you have anyone's best interest at heart other than your own.

    If something doesn't pass the smell test, to me, then there is something wrong.

    Where were you when Haslam and Varney decimated inpatient mental health services in Knoxville?

    I've looked all over the internet to see if you opposed these plans and have only found that you attended one meeting back in November of last year.

    Otherwise, I haven't found one iota of information that shows that you vehemently opposed the idea of shuttering Lakeshore.

    I am suspect of your new found concern for providing mental health services for Tennesseans.

    The more I think of it, your "concerns" seem to ring of "damage control". Knowing that you are going to face Briggs in your upcoming election and knowing that the vast majority of your district has a distinct dislike for your attention-seeking behavior, I'm guessing that maybe this is why you're wanting to try to create a little bit of positive spin for yourself.

    Here's the thing, Stacey; if you want people to seriously believe that you truly care about the needy and deprived, then you have to CONSISTENTLY act to help them.

    YOU have NOT done this.

    Now you're here trying to convince us that you're all of a sudden in favor of the state selling Lakeshore for $60,000,000 so that it will be spent to help the mentally ill.

    I, for one, am not buying it.

    After looking at the list of 47 bills you have sponsored this year, I have one question; where are the bills that will improve our economy in the state?

    You list 7 that will expand gun ownership and carry permits. You seem single-minded.


    1. I have often said convincing those who refuse to have an open mind is like trying to wake someone who if faking sleep. It can not be done.

      If you can show me one instance where I have profited from any government project or how I would profit from this one I encourage you to scream it from the rooftops.

      As for our differences in philosophy the left needs to learn that just because we may not agree on process does not mean that we have different goals.

      If you can show me the harm in this legislation to the mentally ill in east TN I encourage you to speak up.

    2. As for more jobs, 60 million and investment in construction generated by the sale and development will produce hundreds if not thousands of jobs..

    3. Please clearly explain how $60 million will create hundreds (if not thousands) of jobs. I believe the jobs you talk about would be short-lived.

      And even if you guys in Nashville really did sink the whole amount into mental health, that's a drop in the bucket compared to what's needed statewide.

      I believe the money received from the sale of the Lakeshore property would be spread across the state. It would not be kept locally.

      I just don't think you've thought this through.

      I would LOVE to believe that such a thing would be possible. The community needs these services.

      You indicated that I have a closed mind. Stacey, my mind is open enough that I am seriously considering doing something I've NEVER done and vote for Briggs--A REPUBLICAN!

      I believe your 7 firearm bills out of your total 47 bills (a full 15% this session) represents your tendency to pander to the NRA.

      You may not profit financially from the NRA. But your "A" grading from the NRA's "Vote Smart" website provides you with a great deal of political support.

      Looking over your record on what the site refers to as "Key Votes", you've been in lock-step with them since the beginning.

      Anyone interested in what you stand for would be well educated by looking at their website (http://votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/49097/stacey-campfield).

      You have voted against any bill that would support LGBT issues.

      You voted against a bill that would make it illegal to text and drive? What's up with that?

      You voted to allow schools to essentially teach creationism (didn't you say that Christianity wasn't allowed in schools?).

      You voted to bust the teacher's union.

      You voted to require people to have a photo ID in order to vote; a practice that has been ruled unconstitutional by several districts and disenfranchises Americans who find it difficult or impossible to obtain such IDs before key elections (such as the 2012 election).
      The Brennan Center for Justice found that such laws would have kept about 10% of all voters and 25% of minority voters from being able to vote in 2012.

      You voted to to reject the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child because it, in part, "Bans all corporal punishment, including reasonable spanking by parents" and "Requires a level of socialized spending programs for the supposed needs of
      children (which in too many cases simply employ more government workers) that would
      bankrupt any American state".

      I swear, Stacey, your voting record looks nothing like anything I would want to support. And I'm pretty sure that the majority of district 7 would agree.

      You are simply too right-wing for this district.

    4. "I swear, Stacey, your voting record looks nothing like anything I would want to support. And I'm pretty sure that the majority of district 7 would agree.

      You are simply too right-wing for this district"

      Stacey seems to have done quite well in the district without your vote. It would seem that the majority of the district does indeed agree with him since they elected him again.

  2. There is no such thing as "too right wing" Seriously? His record is EVERYTHING I'd want (& do) support. Thanks for all you do, Stacey. God bless you.


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