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Sunday, February 17, 2013

On those other bills.

While the MSM may never talk about it, I have about 45 other bills this year. A commenter on another website asked me some questions on them so I responded with a brief synopsis, comment or response to questions on each of the bills that won't get much media play.

For the actual listing of the bills and the actual wording of the bills you can go here and click the bill number. 

SB 30 restricts where and what you can use an EBT card for but is limited by federal regulations as to what we can limit and what we can not. I actually have to amend it to pull a few of the things off.
SB 31 is in response to drug dealers hanging out in waiting rooms of the drug addicted baby wards. A ward that has quadrupled in size the last few years costing the states and healthcare billions.
SB76 restricts mass reproduction of gun permit list. The exemption is for newspapers so they can list names of those who commit crimes or should not have a HCP but to keep them from mass reproduction of the entire list.
SB 77 is for personal security on campuses. I have limited it more in hopes of passage. It will still be difficult to get what I am offering through.
SB 211 I am carrying for the house sponsor.
SB 235 and 236 Are anti Eminent Domain bills
SB237 is to help the indigent who have turned their life around.
SB238 audiologist and speech pathologist make 30-50 K a year and are less able to afford the $400 tax per year then a NFL football player who were not playing when the NHL and NBA players were added to the list. 
SB239 is so a judge does not do a permanent child visitation change when a soldier is placed on, or volunteers for, active duty (as some judges do now).
SB240 homeschoolers already pay school taxes. They are just not allowed to use the services. This will allow them to use a part they pay for (sports).
SB241 says you need a signed contract or a judgement  above $10k for a lien. The $10k minimum allows for hand shake agreements liens. Fraudulent liens are used to extort money and are becoming a problem in TN as they have been in other states.
SB242 allows for personal safety for higher Ed and will also be difficult to pass I have been trying for 5 or 6 years. Separate bills have better shots.

SB243 is so judgements that have already been made get paid and someone doesn't just quit and skip to another job to avoid paying a garnishment the courts have already said is due.
SB 247 It only changes how court cost debts can be collected after a judgement is made.
SB411 was a caption bill I am not running this year.
SB487 Gun crime gets hard time.
SB488 stops personal information (such as addresses) from being in reports (in cases such as stalking and domestic assault) from being made public to those who may have been the abuser. It's a safety issue for the vic.
SB489 is to study for possible guidelines for state recognition of those native Americans that did not move in the trail of tears. The fed allows it and many states have done this.
SB490 stops union use of donations for political activities against the will of their members.
SB491 removes a regulation on a possible private business. It's pro jobs.
SB497 is really trying to stop the state from paying someone to sit around and sue the state. If you want to sue the state do it on your own time and dime.
SB520 allows longer contracts then are allowed now so businesses can pay for the infrastructure cost of switching people over to Natural gas.
SB569 is because our AG thinks he only has to enforce and defend the laws he likes, not what is on the books.
SB 714 10 years seemed excessive and like a punishment for those who took the steps to help themselves.
SB715 waivers signed by minors aren't binding and require staff and funding. This would make signing a release un needed in skate parks, roller rinks etc.
SB723 if its not your child by DNA you dont pay, those who received sperm donations or adopt would obviously be exempt.
SB724 the courts have ruled the car is private property. The same as your house or your car on a public road. This keeps your car from being searched.
SB725 is a caption bill to stop government collections for political organizations. It's not govt. job to be a union dues collector.
SB898 stops abuse and intimidation of those who may want to cross a picket line.
SB 899 clears up some minor confusing language in the law.
SB900 is a safety issue. If someone can't read a stop sign or a sign that says "bridge out ahead" or "hidden driveway" or "children at play" after 2 years how safe of a driver do you think they are?
SB946 gets clear cost amount of background checks because the testimony on cost has changed from year to year and bill to bill.
SB 947 This puts more groups under the law for reporting and following minimum ethics standards.
SB948 is to stop those who sell their EBT cards for cash.
SB 1151 is a caption that I will probably use to try and bring down some of the wild spending in campaigns.
SB1162 is to allow medical companies to use lower bids rather then a set provider an insurance company may be getting a kick back from.
SB 1170 helps small propritary schools but is limited so you don't set up a propritary school in your basement and start selling degrees.
SB1171 I am carrying for the house sponsor.
SB1182 protects gun owners from discrimination in employment and privacy issues.
SB1211 allows the people to decide if they want floride in their water or not.
SB1213 removes from the books the position of county legislative secretary that is no longer needed or used.
SB 1308 and SB 1309 sets forth the principals of a constitutional sheriff that was decided in the USSC sheriff Mack decision.


  1. We see here the product of a great deal of hard work, which displays much common sense and realistic understanding of the needs of many of the people of Tennessee. Thanks for putting so much thought and effort into this good work, Senator Campfield!

  2. Hey Stacey, it's Jenny again. How anyone could be against you is totally beyond me. I support every single one of these. Awesome job!


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