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Thursday, February 07, 2013

The split.

Lots of  people are asking what is going on with the guns in trunks legislation. The "don't ask don't tell" gun bill I had been talking about had wide spread appeal among both gun owners and the business community.

The Lt. Governor wanted to pass his bill quickly to get the ball rolling. It had many of the same protections my "don't ask, don't tell" gun bill in that it removed the criminal penalties against gun owners did but it didn't  go as far in protecting against discriminatory hiring practices against gun owners or liability protections for parking lot owners.

We decided to split the two bills up and run them separately. Rons bill (run by Jack Johnson) will be removing the criminal penalties against gun owners and should be on the floor any day. My bill should be in committee in a week or so. The business community has been more or less accepting of the 2 bill package as long as both pass. They realize this is their best case senario and The NRA (who came up with the split package idea) has said the same thing.


  1. Ramsey's bill tied to permit holders only. Only those who beg for permission from overlords have any "privileges". There are more liberal States that don't require permission slips, called permits.

  2. Ramsey's bill doesn't allow for an employee to use any vehicle but his own to be safe coming/going home to work.

    This bill needs work.


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