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Friday, March 15, 2013

Moving to reconsider

I just sent this letter to my fellow members of the education committee.

After reading this article


and another in FOX NEWS verifying this same story, I think it is well in order for us to reconsider our actions (passing the UT budget on Wednesday) and would like to make that motion so UT can either verify or deny publicly these incredible allegations.

If you have any problem with my making that motion I ask that you contact me so I can understand your reasoning.

Yours in service,

Sen. Stacey Campfield


  1. Stacey, can you get this in the Sentinel, and on local television stations, so that the taxpayers of Tennessee can let their feelings be known?

  2. I agree with the first comment. More people NEED to know about this. Tennessee is better than this... and has many good and moral people. It is outrageous!

    We need further pressure (after this issue) on our University to get its house back into good, academic order.


  3. I think we found the Golden Condom. It's in the office of the TBR and they've been using it on Tennessee taxpayers for years

  4. I am a parent of two students at the University of Tennessee and a resident of TN and I for one applaud the university for hosting such and informative event on campus. I think it is very important you know the full schedule of events before you think it is necessary to revoke funding of the university. They have topics on the concepts of virginity, religion and sexuality, HIV testing, how to speak to your parents/doctors about sex and ways UT can stop sexual assault. All topics I find very important. I have no problem with my tax dollars or my daughters student fees being used to fund such an event. I only hope that the university will make this an annual event.

    1. That is not where people have raised concern.

    2. Right, Senator Campfield, with a few exceptions, the taxpayers of Tennessee, whose beliefs you have been voted into office to support, are standing behind you on this!

  5. Senator Campfield, while I respect that you replied to Bonnie's comment, I don't believe that was an adequate response.

    Let me start by saying I live in NYC, so I'm not fully aware of the super specifics of the whole thing. Only what I've read.

    If the seminars that Bonnie mentioned are not "where people have raised concern," why not rally to have what you consider an inappropriate use of funds removed? Why make it seem like you want to cut the whole program? From what I can gather from various articles on both sides of the issue, you want this entire thing de-funded.

    Have you seen the numbers for % of TN students who admit to having regular sex compared to the national average? Regardless of your moral beliefs, or the beliefs of the more conservative TN majority that elected you, I think we need to step back and look at the needs of our upcoming generations. Do we want them ignorant to the realities and benefits/harms of sex just because we had a problem with a condom scavenger hunt and an erotic poetry class? It's like saying that we should shut down a seminar on domestic violence just because there is a tongue-in-cheek class about ways to prank your abusive partner. Is that class necessary? Maybe not... is it hurting anyone? Hard to say... should it invalidate the whole program? Absolutely not.

    It's obvious that I'm a late 20-something female with more liberal views, so we're not going to agree. But I think the approach you've taken to this has made you and the university look bad rather than accomplished your goal. I really think this could have been approached differently. I hope that you'll accept my two cents.


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