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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Taxing the rich when their kids fail.

 I have made the point repeatedly how it is the parents who are responsible for keeping TANF funds by taking the minor steps of entering their failing children in a tutoring program or entering a free parenting class or just showing up to 2 parent teacher conferences a year.

Some people have now changed the argument into ...

"Why don't you tax the wealthy parents when their kids fail!"

Why? Because we already are. In fact, The wealthy are the ones that pay for TANF through their taxes. So yes, the wealthy are being taxed when their kids dont perform and  they get don't get any portion of  their money back when it happens.

 Liberals have fooled  people into thinking that they are automatically entitled to other peoples money without having to do anything to get it. That any sort of standard of accountability for that money  is some sort of "unfair punishment" on them.

There is a solution for this "grave indignity"  perpetrated against them. Don't apply for the money.  There are plenty of others who would be happy to do what it takes to take their place.


  1. The question is not "why don't you tax wealthy parents when their children fail?" If using your logic is correct that once again the state has to micromanage society then fine. Practice what you preach! Introduce legislation that if a senator's district has any school failing, then that Sen. will have their benefits removed from their pay unless they take a personal direct, hands-on approach to fixing that school. The senator should have to spend a certain amount of hours seeing what the problem is, how to fix the problem at a state level, and then attend a school conference on how to fix failing schools from the state level. After all, as we've seen with the "race to the top program" the state politicians have a great impact on the success or failure and quality of our education. This is just my opinion and my opinion only.

    1. Legislators are already held to a higher standard then that. If the parents don't think the legislator is hitting their standard they lose their job and 100% of their pay.

  2. The standards of the Tennessee State Senator are judged once, every four years. The standards of a parent, the student, and the teacher, are judged, every day after homeroom. For you to compare the standards of the legislator to the standards judged on the student just goes to show how disconnected to society you have become....

  3. Yes, but when a rep fails after 2 years or a senator after 4 he can not just show up in school twice and get his old pay and job back. For another term.

  4. And neither can a teacher after one year! So, state Senator speaking about going to schools. How many school and classroom visits have you made this year in your district before proposing this legislation?

  5. Can you admit that a middle or upper income failing child of today can be an impoverished person of the future?

    If so, then some kind of policy should exist across all income levels that would "motivate" (i.e. punish) parents into helping their failing kids.

  6. I hope this message will be taken seriously. I am a citizen of Tennessee, maybe not one of your constituents but legislation you propose and pass will effect me and my neighbors. I am liberal and I take offense to your generalized attack on liberals. I for one come from a blue collar family. I have a father that has literally ruined his back keeping the steel mill he works at open and running. Two times in my life my family has had to take food stamps, welfare, and medicaid (for my siblings whom would have not made it without the care because they both have crohns disease).

    My dad didn't find himself needing these programs due to a lack of work ethic. It was because his company locked out the union after a contract dispute and another time when my dad had his 5th back surgery and was forced to 6 months of bed rest (while paying bankruptcy chapter 13). This put him making a total of $8 a paycheck after paying the courts and receiving half his pay through disability. I know your opinion of unions but this situation didn't leave my dad much choice. He had devoted nearly 20 years to this company and during a time of high profits the company attempted to cut his pay and increase his out of pocket health insurance. My dad did not attend college and would have had to start at the bottom somewhere else because he couldn't afford the pay and benefit cut. To top it off, corporate brought in random, unskilled labor to fill the spots at half the pay. Several deaths were attributed to the lack of skill.

    My point is this. Not every person who takes welfare is mooching off the system. You may agree with me but you are not targeting only the moochers. The point of penalizing the rich equally makes complete sense to me because many of my childhood friends had rich neglectful parents whose children suffered in school because of it.

    If your true pursuit were to protect children you wouldn't target TANF funds and sound off against liberals on your blog. I am just as much a contributing member of this great state and my opinion deserves to be heard.


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