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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bredesen to get in?

With Rep. Joe Carr now running for the senate against Lamar! Alexander an interesting question pops up.

Is this an opening for the Democrats?

And if so, who does it help in the primary?

On the Democrat side of the fence there is only one name who would even have a shot at state wide office. Phil Bredesen. There is no one else even close in terms of money or positive name ID. No one. Don't kid your selves and say some mayor, congressman or legislator. Bredesen is the only on who could pull it off.

 History is Bredesen wanted to do something in healthcare and with Obamacre collapsing around the presidents ears (as Bredesen predicted it would) he would have some standing to run as a blue dog on the health care issue at least.

I expect a bruising Republican primary where who ever wins will not come out unscathed. I know many people who refuse to vote for Lamar! Ever again under any circumstances no matter who he runs against R or D. It will probably be worse after a hard primary.  (Good for Bredesen) .

 If Joe Carr were to win the primary he will still  have been  painted as "extreme" by Lamar! And many of the moderates may stay home or vote for "the name they know".  Bredesen.

For Bredesen to look credible and have a real shot though, he would have to have one of two things happen. Either a strong showing in the primary (or people would think the state has gone too red even for the popular Democrat) or have Democrats cross over and vote for Carr as he may look easier to paint as extreme helping them pull out a win in the general.

Crossover could help Carr win the primary .....or lose it. If Bredesen did get in the race, old guard Republicans would probably line up behind the establishment Lamar!

Interesting just to theorize.


  1. No, he's running for "sentate" according to his campaign ad. Please tell me he won't join the education committee.

  2. You are right that he would be the strongest Democrat if he ran. But if Bredesen wanted to be a Senator, he would have had a better chance in 2002 or 2006 when there were open seats.

    Everything I know about Governor Bredesen is that he sees himself as a CEO. Being stuck in a body where seniority rules would seem to be not his style.

    And it isn't like his opposition to the Affordable Care Act earned him any benefits from the President.


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