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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stalked by the crazies

By now many people have heard about my fundraiser moving locations. After speaking with the owner of where it was originally planned I agreed to go to another location when he said he feared for the safety of his store and its employees after he received several physical threats.

I understand. He's not a political guy. He just wants to sell pizza and was afraid for people's health and safety.

I have to admit I have some really psychotic stalkers out there. Most of them are from what I will say is a vocal, organized 2-3% of the population.  The bullies are so psychotic they think threatening to do physical harm to a business or its employees is some how OK. That its  "Gods justice" on those that dare disagree. Its even more sickening when the media champions this kind of behavior. 

To me its just  sickening.

Not because it has something to do with me or my event, but because I see the parallels to what  the NAZIs did to the stores frequented by Jews in the late 1930's.  How the NAZI  media leader, Goebbels cheered  and called those who smashed windows "Heroes for the cause."  Saying they were doing "Gods justice" to the Jews and those black listed businesses that support them. Thinking they were winning the day, changing minds through physical intimidation or by showing their willingness to use  physical force and willingness to do destruction of any who dare oppose them.

It's getting to be a crazy world when you can't just disagree with someone and move on. Where you actually go so far as to making or supporting physical threats to a persons health or safety, a business or an employee of a business where someone may frequent. 

While I don't really care about my own safety (I know God can take me when ever he wants and most of the people making threats are really cowards) I have to wonder about the mental state of the people on the other side.

 How sick, twisted and delusional are they?


  1. These are not typical methods of political competition. Civilized political opponents might give you a good battle at the polls, but they would not do something like this.

    This had to be the work of some extremist group, probably LGBT activists who have gone off the deep end, somewhere along the way.

    Whenever people who believe in you and support you hear about something like this, it only causes us to believe in you and support you all the more. As they say, sweet are the uses of adversity!

    Consider early, as well as present-day Christians who are being persecuted, even martyred, for standing up for the truth. When we stand up for what is right, we will experience many trials. This is not anything that is new to our way of thinking. Maybe it just surprises us now and then.

    It is obvious that you are not afraid of their tactics, and this is good. There is no doubt that God has much good work He wants you to do, in the years ahead, so I don't think you will be leaving us any time soon, Senator.

    Please know of the thoughts and prayers of so many of us, who believe in you and support you. Please know how very thankful we are to God that we have someone of your good character and great courage to represent us! Please know that you are absolutely surrounded by our prayers, Stacey.

    Trust in the Lord, in all your ways, and lean not on your own understanding, and He will direct your paths...

  2. These are just cowardly bullies, who are doing this. They don't have to let their identity be known, when making anonymous calls to that restaurant. They are just trying to make you feel threatened by their cowardly intimidation tactics.

    If you met one of them on the street, they would probably stand there and tremble so bad that you could beat the crap right out of them, if you wanted to!

    At one time, not so long ago, the same type of individuals were contacting the office of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Knoxville, with death threats, I was told, just hoping to intimidate Catholics to stop standing up for the life of unborn babies. As I recall, neither the Bishop, nor any of the many Protestant and Catholic pro-life workers ever, for one minute, backed down...

  3. Senator Campfield, the fact that Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey is standing behind you in your fund-raising event says a whole lot of very convincing good about how worthy you are of re-election!

  4. standing behind him holding up two fingers behind his head

    1. Hey, anonymous, this is funny, for sure!

      For any derisive thing you hear about Senator Campfield, there are hundreds of us who believe in him, wholeheartedly!

  5. Stacey, I heard a pastor, just this evening, say that some 400 people per day are losing their lives, being martyred, for their Christian faith.

    You and me, sometimes what we do for the Lord causes us some real challenges, but we're not suffering this much, are we?


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