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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How about that speech!!!

What, you bothered to watch the state of the union? Sorry. I was listening to the music and acceptance speeches at the musicians hall of fame induction ceremony.  I met some real cool people back stage there.....and one jerk.
The "worlds most dangerous politician" with Will Lee from the David Letterman shows "worlds most dangerous band". Nice guy who went in front of the stage to mingle with fans after the show.
Barbara Mandrell one of the great Mandrell sisters.
Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive. Both super nice guys. Billy enjoyed talking to people back stage and doing the picture thing. Randy did the same as well. As we were taking the picture he was pitching Billy on doing a tour together. All I can say was he was "takin care of business". And if he pulls it off "you ain't seen nothin yet." 
Billy Gibbons, not of Duck Dynasty fame. 

 "The Oaks" AKA " the Oak ridge boys". They were great. Actually that's another one of the band members (the guy with the really deep voice) taking the picture. How cool is that?
MC of the night, the lead musical actor from the smash hit TV show Nashville.
Chris Isaak played a wicked game. He walked around most of the night carrying his pet poodle. We talked about his suits. No, its not a nudie but made by the guy who actually made the famous country styled Nudie suits. He thought I should get one and even told me where I could buy them....not so sure about that idea.
Kenny Wayne Sheppard. Seemed enthralled by Billy Gibbons and spent a ton of time talking to him. He even showed Billy his baby pictures with his dad in a ZZ Top concert Tshirt.
"Hey, I think we are in the same business." At least he plays the mayor on the TV show Nashville. super nice guy. We talked politics (he liked my guns in parks bill)  acting (he told me his history and how he made it) about his family, travels, ideas he would do if he e were elected in his home town in Oregon, the thoughts on running for office and a ton more. Super cool guy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Mr. Peter Frampton.  Wow! That was a real highlight for me. What can I say, he always had a huge smile, was nice and personable to everyone. Was kind and gracious as I have always heard about him. 

Unfortunately, I can't say the same about Neil Young. As nice as everyone else was, he wasn't. Rude, aloof to the point of snobbish and unwilling to talk with anyone. Word is he stiffed the promoter and decided at the last second he didn't want to play either. Talk about living down to low expectations. As Skynyrd said "Southern man don't need him around any how."
Randy Bachman and Peter Frampton. Lets say I came alive with this photo.

A HUGE thank you go out to my kind host Tony G and his charming daughter for their bringing me back stage (and even up on the side stage). It was a once in a lifetime event that I doubt I will ever forget.

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  1. I know Chris Isaak is a "Rice King" which means he has a preference for asian girls and most probably a Liberal as he keeps his shoes in his oven and lives in Liberal Marin Ca, Eric Close the Major on Nashville TV Show is a Conservative and is in a Secret Conservative Group in Hollywood which has Clint Eastwood, Robert Duvall who are being attacked Right Now by the 2nd Term Bleed Out Admin......


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