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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Knox middle school "Don't support homosexual clubs = NAZI"

More from the "No one talks about homosexuality to middle schools kids" file. This from course work in a Tennessee middle school in Knoxville (Cedar Bluff Middle school).  The topic was discrimination through history (racial and otherwise) with follow up questions of categorizing people.

 To me it reads as if if you don't support the local gay bar you are a NAZI but I will let you all see the information handed out to middle school children and let you decide.
I was given this as follow up to questions portraying people from the south as all a bunch of racists.

Oddly, nothing was reported about his discrimination against and the killing off of the un born through abortion.


  1. There are so many freaks in CA and NYC >SO SAD TO BE HOMOSEXUAL IS TO BE GLORIFIED AND THE NEW NORMAL>BUT THE BIBLE SAYS THE OPPOSITE AS IT IS A PERVERSION >You seem to Stand Up for What is Right and Since a lot of the US is going Left there are still some of us that DO THE RIGHT THING.

    1. Another great post. You should really consider running for office.
      Your love of Jesus and hatred of all things liberal is just what America needs. Thank for your devotion to the cause.

  2. If the shoe fits. This talks nothing about homosexual sex acts, just the people themselves. Can't pretend they don't exist.

  3. What part of Commie Core do you not understand? This is the best education Bill Gates can buy! Remember, with Commie Core, you can only add 15% of your own doing, but can't delete anything Commie Core tells you to teach.

    It would really be informative to have SCORE Woodson or PARCC governing board member Kevin Huffman or Achieve Inc. board member Bill Haslam explain how this "rigorous" curriculum is helping our human capital widgets "compete in the global marketplace". They all received Gates money to push this on your kids. They should have a good answer.


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