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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The problem with Democrats.

I was invited to come speak at UT by the Young Democrat club regarding my bills on the distribution of student activity fees. Well, actually, they said I was going to do it before anything was even set up. Still, I don't mind coming to speak and agreed to speak to their group..

 Then they said they wanted to make it a forum with Q&A. I again agreed with some minimal security and decorum standards including question approval.

They sent their questions and I agreed to most of them and sent them the list back. Some of the non approved questions  I planned on addressing in my opening remarks or they weren't really pertaining to the topic at hand.

Then they tried to change off of that and shift to non approved questions where they could rebut my statements and do blind follow up questions. I agreed to more changes as long as it became a bipartisan event and  any local Democrat running for contested office would do the same. That way there would be no cheap shot, low blow questions that one of their own would not have to respond to as well.

 The young Republicans agreed to join the event. No Democrat would agree to the standard.  I then agreed to go back to any of our previous standards and the Democrats didn't want to do that either. 

UT president Joe Depeatro and the new chairman of student activities came up to me yesterday said they heard about the even and said they were looking forward to me coming to speak. I told them of the standards and even they thought they were more then reasonable.

I guess it made the Democrats nervous. They kept trying to change the event. Now,  they decided to cancel it altogether and are even saying I refused to speak. (I have the e mail communications to prove that is not the case, sadly they have removed and blocked anyone from  the Facebook page for the event that points these facts out).

I'm still willing to speak.

What do they have to fear? Cant handle bi partisanship? cant get one of their own to agree to the same standard? Fear I may be able to win people over with actual facts of a bill and not personal attacks? Why do they keep taking down the comments from their facebook and proof that back up these facts?

Don't worry, I wasn't going to charge a fee.


  1. Well Democrats and Decorum do not Go Together...they could not ensure that they would not ATTACK YOU LIKE WILD ANIMALS?

  2. Can you post the emails? I want to see what the correspondence looked like.

    1. My staffer has them and they are mostly a back and forth on his Facebook account.

  3. Metro Pulse has published the Facebook messages.

  4. Metro Pulse has posted the exchange.


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