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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My meth bill fix.

There has been a lot of back and forth on limiting sudafed sales and limiting amounts people can purchase without a prescription. The pill form of pseudofed is used to manufacture Meth.

The governor wanted a smaller limit (probably causing more people who need pseudofed for legit reasons to have to get a prescription).

The battle was on. No matter how you vote someone was wrong. you were for meth production or for higher cost to get a medicine that was needed.

I came up with a solution.

Go with a limit for the pill form of pseudofed (that can be made into meth) but allow for open purchase of pseudofed In liquid or gel tab form that can not be made into meth.

The amendment went on and the governors bill passed out of senate judiciary committee where it was put off in the house.

The house is a mess on the meth issue. All bills except Rep. Tony Sipleys were put off till the final calander. The senate version of the Shipley bill was killed in the senate. I would expect to see some new movement in the house on meth.


  1. The suggestion that someone would be "for meth production" just for opposing a statist idea like this shows how stupid most of your colleagues are.

  2. That was a good compromise. Unfortunately Sudafed (nor the Walmart or Walgreens substitutes) does not offer anything in a non-capsule or caplet form except for the children's versions in liquid. There aren't any gel-caps or liquid in adult doses.


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